Biology Laboratory Report The Activity Of Amylase

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Biology Laboratory Report

The Activity of Amylase

Andreas Dobler, 3CO
Lab Report: The Activity of Amylase
The Food that we eat is digested as it passes through the alimentary canal. During this journey it is broken down and reassembled into a suitable form that the body tissue can use. It is than absorbed in the small intestine by finger like structures called “villi”. The molecules can be absorbed by diffusion, facilitated diffusion and active transport. In the process of digestion enzymes are essential to speed it up. Amylase is produced in the salivary glands and breaks starch down into maltose. This happens at a neutral pH ...view middle of the document...

The shorter the range of time is that is needed to accomplish that, the higher was the activity of amylase. (The time is measured using a digital stop watch)
Controlled variables:
* The amount of starch in the form of one piece of bread (8.2g), that is broken down using a mixer
* The amount of water used (100ml)
* The amount of iodine used (3 drops)
* The maintained temperature conditions (24.1°C)
* The maintained light conditions (daylight)

When the amount of amylase added to the solution (of starch in the form of one piece of bread (8.2g) that was broken down using a mixer and 100ml, water and 3 drops of iodine) is raised, the speed of the reaction increases. This will result in a shorter range of time that is needed to change the color of the solution from purple back into its original color. (The purple color is reached by adding 3 drops of iodine).
* Beaker (100ml capacity)
* Test tube (3ml capacity)
* Digital stopwatch
* Pipette (10ml capacity)
* A scale
* A mixer

Step 1
To begin with the experiment, take five pieces of bread and break them down using a mixer. They should reach a state of powder. Add the powder in equal amounts into five different beakers.

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