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Biopsychosocial Health Essay

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Essence of Care


Benchmarks for Record Keeping

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Best Practice Guidance 0 Gateway Ref: 14641 0

ESSENCE OF CARE 2010 DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH 1ST OCTOBER 2010 PCT CEs, NHS Trust CEs, Care Trust CEs, Foundation Trust CEs , Directors of Nursing, Local Authority CEs, Directors of Adult SSs, PCT PEC Chairs, Special HA CEs, Allied Health Professionals, GPs, Communications Leads, Emergency Care Leads, Directors of Children's SSs, Universities UK, RCN, RCM, AHPF, SHA Lead Nurses, SHA AHP Leads, Patient Organisations

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Best Practice – General Indicators
Factor 1

4 9 10 12 13

Access to care records
Factor 2

Single records
Factor 3

Practice and evidence
Factor 4



Essence of Care 2010 Benchmarks for Record Keeping


Best Practice – General Indicators
The factors and indicators for each set of benchmarks focus on the specific needs, wants and preferences of people and carers. However, there are a number of general issues1 that must be considered with every factor. These are:

People’s experience
■■ People feel that care is delivered at all times with compassion and

empathy in a respectful and non-judgemental way ■■ The best interests of people are maintained throughout the assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation and revision of care and development of services ■■ A system for continuous improvement of quality of care is in place

Diversity and individual needs
■■ Ethnicity, religion, belief, culture, language, age, gender, physical,

sensory, sexual orientation, developmental, mental health, social and environmental needs are taken into account when diagnosing a health or social condition, assessing, planning, implementing, evaluating and revising care and providing equality of access to services

■■ The effectiveness of practice and care is continuously monitored and

improved as appropriate ■■ Practice and care are evidence-based, underpinned by research and supported by practice development

Consent and confidentiality
■■ Explicit or expressed valid consent is obtained and recorded prior to

sharing information or providing treatment or care


Also see Department of Health (2010) NHS Constitution The NHS belongs to us all. Department of Health: London accessed 07 May 2010 at dh_digitalassets/@dh/@en/@ps/documents/digitalasset/dh_113645.pdf


Essence of Care 2010 Benchmarks for Record Keeping

■■ People’s best interests are maintained where they lack the capacity to

make particular decisions.2 ■■ Confidentiality is...

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