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Birth Of The Universe Essay

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Your universe, as we have suggested many times, as we've suggested already this morning, is but one universe among many. It is relatively a small universe — not to suggest that you should feel badly … {laughter} … for despite the consensus reality that bigger is better, despite the male-dominating energy and the comparative energies that say "bigger is better," your universe, though relatively small, is not at all diminished by its size.

Now we know the word universe by its definition means the totality of known or supposed objects and phenomena throughout space. We know that it is thought of as "all" and that therefore there can only be one. Yet, by experience and by ...view middle of the document...

Why? So that together Goddess and God can continuously create — give birth to — All That Is. Together. Together, we would suggest, because the Goddess has no desire to be the singular authority. She has no desire to have singular supremacy or to be singularly supreme. She has no desire to be absolute. She does want to work together. She always does.

In the context of your language, and thus in the context of your time, the Goddess first created God so that God with Goddess could create All That Is. The Goddess created the spaceless-space, and then She created the manifestation of the formless-form, if you will, of God.

She could have gone on and created all space and all manifestation to fill that space. She could have done that on her own and by Herself. But She did not want to.

Instead, as we say, She wanted to do it together. As She desired (and desires still), God and Goddess together gave birth to All That Is. It happened and is always happening. It always will. Out of this "was, is, and will be" a synergy emerges. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. God/Goddess/All That Is is that whole.

Feminine energy never wants to be singular or supreme. That's something that masculine energy, in its dominating principle, cannot grok. … {laughter} … Whether expressed in the male form or the female form, that dominating masculine energy just cannot … "What do you mean she doesn't want to be supreme or singular? Of course, she does. Everybody does. That's the way the world works."

Dominating masculine energy just cannot grok … "Wait a minute … ." Startled and stunned, such dominating energy cannot grok it. Even so, feminine energy, genuine feminine — the whole of feminine energy — has no desire to do it alone.

The Goddess has no desire to be the singular authority, to be the one and only God, who loves you and who will kill you if you don't believe it … {laughter} … who is all-powerful, but cannot seem to reach you if you slip the slightest bit so that you could be totally dominated and controlled by the Devil. … {laughter} … The Goddess has no such desire. She wants to work together.

She begins all her creation by creating space. To create your universe, a universe of free will, first she had to create space. And so in the fabric, if you will, in the fabric of nothing, through a tiny opening, She blew a bubble. … Now we're talking figuratively here, please! … {laughter} … We're talking poetically, because there are no words to describe what we're attempting to describe … {laughter} …

Out of nothing, She created a bubble through a tiny tear, if you will, through a tiny rip. … She created space. She created a vastness that is beyond anything you can imagine or believe, beyond anything that you can conceive. She created a mighty and majestic vastness that seems as if it is everything — as if...

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