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Black America Essay

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Why is it an assumption that Blacks should vote Democrat instead of Republican? Many times African-Americans feel that the justice system, workforce, and corporate America is very unfair. Statistics still show even today that Blacks overall have lower family incomes than other ethnic backgrounds. Which in return causes us to live lower to middle class lives. It makes Black feel that they are never given the opportunity to live the "American Dream." Therefore, most African-Americans vote Democrat because it gives them a sense of hope and change. While being a Democrat, they now have representation from a leader to speak to the world about the unfair treatment and the huge division from the rich and the poor. That Democratic leader is now able to "even things out" so that everyone can have equal opportunities to live the American Dream. Blacks vote Demorcat simply for the reasons of strengthening the school systems, or making it more ...view middle of the document...

However, as a society, we tend to base our overall economy on how well these companies do on a day to day basis. Too often, we allow the CEO's of these popular companies to become extremly wealthy beyond the point of even their life expectancy. Meanwhile, our unemployement rate is rising every month and the economy is suffering severely. However, we don't see the CEO's getting affected by our economy change. Why is that? Even though the companies are suffering, the stakeholders and CEO's are still getting paid and receiving profits. Hopefully, we will see the day when the CEO's and stakeholders will care enough to keep their employees employed at their companies and avoid at all costs to stop layoffs from happening, one company at a time.

Why is it an assumption that people should purchase a home instead of renting? By purchasing a home, we are presumed to feel a sense of accomplishment. Accomplishment because we now own instead of rent, but what are the benefits of owning? When you own a home, you have to assure the upkeep of your home. When something is broken, you have to fix it. When you're bored with your house, you need to remodel it. When the grass need to be cut, you cut it. When the snow needs to be shoveled, you shovel it. While renting, you don't have to worry about none of these issues. As a home owner, I can attest that it becomes very expensive to own a home. Aside from paying the mortgage, insurance, and taxes on homes, home owners have to constantly fix unexpected damages around the home, adding up to be a lot of extra money spent. More consequently, the real estate business is sinking. People are now forced to stay in the homes that they own because their home will not even sell for as much money invested in. We still have home owners buying houses that they cannot afford and now are reaping the consequences by settling for forclosure and repossession. We as a society need to stop letting the economy and people of television determine our wealth. If you cannot afford it, then don't buy it. There is an assumption that buying a home will be a great investment, but in the end and on too many occasions, you end up in worse conditions.

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