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Black Boy (American Hunger): A Record Of Childhood And Youth”,

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Richard Wright’s autobiographical book entitled “Black Boy (American Hunger): A Record of Childhood and Youth”, explored many of the obstacles that Richard Wright faced throughout his life. Published by Harpers and Brothers in 1945, Wright narrates his journey and experiences growing up in the Jim Crow South, and having to come of age during such a racial charged period in black history, from early childhood to about age twenty-nine.
“Black Boy (American Hunger): A Record of Childhood and Youth”, begins on a winter morning in Richard’s grandparents’ house in Natchez Mississippi. His story starts with a four- year old Richard unintentionally setting his grandparents house ablaze, due to ...view middle of the document...

Hunger related to Richard’s life because just like when you’re hungry and crave for food, Richard craved for a more fulfilling life by correlating with the world around him.
On the way to Elaine, Arkansas, where Ella’s sister Maggie lives, Ella and her sons spend some time with Granny in Jackson, Mississippi. Here Richard develops an early love for literature from hearing the story of Bluebeard and His Seven Wives that the schoolteacher, Ella, had described to him. Granny’s reaction with Ella and Richard over Bluebeard connotes that she feels that Richard’s literary interests are a threat to her faith, which was Seventh-Day Adventist (Chapter 2, Pgs. 38-40). Richard’s mother then became ill (Chapter 2, Pg.40), but when she got better, they then journeyed to Aunt Maggie’s in Arkansas (Chapter 2, Pgs. 46-49). Racism, one theme of the book, is now introduced. When Richard asks about the separate sections on the train for white and black travelers, no one will answer his questions and throughout the book, Richard observes the pernicious effects of racism not only between blacks and whites, but also among the relations of blacks themselves. Uncle Hoskins murder by whites who long coveted his flourishing liquor business is also related with racism (Chapter 2, Pgs.53-55). The juxtaposition of black soldiers and the black chain gang that Richard seen was playing outside (Chapter 2, Pgs. 55-59) is an example of cosmic irony. On the one hand, Wright uses these images to imply that America must be a relatively...

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