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The events that were portrayed in “Black Hawk Down” drastically affected the U.S.’ foreign policy during the 1990’s. The U.S soldiers went into a country in East Africa called Somalia. They went into the one city, Mogadishu, to capture top lieutenants of the warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid. The mission was only supposed to take an hour, but it ended up lasting the entire night into the next morning. It was a short war that the U.S. never wanted to get into.
At that time in the early 1990’s the U.S. was the only superpower country left in the world. The Soviet Union collapsed after the Cold War and the left the U.S. at the top. With the U.S. being the only superpower left, it meant that they ...view middle of the document...

What should have taken no more than an hour, lasted the whole day and into the night. Things went wrong right from the beginning. To start, they went into the Bakaara Market, which is one of the most dangerous places because mostly everyone there has a gun. Also, all of Aidid’s followers were high on a drug called khat. They would pack it in their mouth and they would be very energetic during the day and then they would lose all that energy and crash at night. The U.S. forces went in during the middle of the day. Once the mission started, the one Ranger fell out of the one Black Hawk when they were fast-roping to the ground. They had to get him on a stretcher and transport him back to base. Then one of the Black Hawks got shot down and crashed into the city streets. More Rangers had to go and secure that crash site and bring all the crew with them. They had to do all this while being shot at by thousands of Aidid’s followers. To make things worse, another Black Hawk was shot down and they had to go defend that crash site. No one could get to it quickly, so Delta Force snipers Gary Gordon and Randy Shughart went down voluntarily to secure the crash site. Sadly, they both were killed trying to defend the men inside the helicopter. The pilot of the Black Hawk, Mike Durant, was captured and...

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