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Black Press Day Essay

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Black Press Day, other wise none as Freedom’s Journal was the anniversary of the founding of the first black newspaper in the US and was established the same year that slavery was abolished in New York State. It changed African Americans forever or colored people.
Black Press day is Freedom's Journal the paper served to counter racist commentary published in the mainstream press. It also provided its readers with regional, national, and international news and with news that could serve to both entertain and educate. It sought to improve conditions for the over 300,000 newly freed black men and women living in the north because it made life so much easier for colored people. It helped ...view middle of the document...

”(Douglass, Vol. 2,473)
The people believe this benefited the few that emigrate and survive and as a missionary station the people consider it as a grand and great establishment! Black Press day has changed people perspectives and has made them be respectful for colored people in the world. Three millions that are now in the United States, and the eight millions that in twenty or twenty five years, will be in this country.
Harlem Renaissance is very similar to Black Press day. The Harlem Renaissance resulted in African-American artists gaining the attention of whites and raising awareness by promoting ideas like racial integration and cooperation, which would go on to take effect in the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. African-American artists were able to create and disseminate accurate portrayals of their lives and experiences that combated the negative, racist depictions that existed before the movement. “The Harlem Renaissance experienced a decline in 1930s because of the economic turmoil of the Great Depression. However, the work produced continued to influence generations of writers in the decades following.”(Literature, 2002-2011) Harlem Renaissance is African American culture, particularly in the creative arts, centered in Harlem in New York City. As a literary movement, it laid the groundwork for all later African American literature and had a significant impact on black literature and consciousness worldwide. New Negro movement was another name for it. It introduced the creative works of black Americans. It introduced Jazz. It gave birth too many black writers and entertainers. Many disagreed with those writings and preferred the they have more positive writings so that the rest of American would not have a worst impression of black, then they already have. White was fascinated by the Harlem Renaissance, yet they still wanted minimum dealings with black American. Many felt that the Harlem Renaissance itself wasn’t so much a celebration of Black culture, but rather a regurgitation of White ideals. To these African-Americans, the Harlem Renaissance represented conformity and submission to the White culture. The poor Blacks in the South never received any of the racial tolerance up north. They lived in a world of racism and the Ku Klux Klan. The Harlem Renaissance had many lasting effects such as creating a pathway for the Civil Rights Movement.
The Civil rights Moment was about the movements in the United States aimed at outlawing racial discrimination against African Americans and restoring voting rights in Southern states. Civil rights means that people have the right to be treated the same regardless of their race, gender, or religion. These rights are law in the United States and many other nations. “Movement for racial equality in the U.S. that, through nonviolent protest, broke the pattern of racial segregation in the South. A negative effect was the fact that it cost many people their jobs, lives, and their family's...

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