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Black Studies Paper

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Black Studies Paper

African's past can be dated back to millions and millions of years. People from
every continent is a descendant of the African origin. This essay will explain African's isolation to the rest of the world and some of the famous contributions and some of Africa's contributions to our world.

Researchers have found that African people were the home of the first human beings. They have found fossils and archaeological findings that support thus evidence and by genetic research. These findings date back to 4.4 million years ago in Ethiopia. Actually human beings date back to 40 thousand years, these people were discovered also in Ethiopia.

Around 10 thousand BC the ...view middle of the document...

Africa's contributions to our world date back to about six thousand years in Egypt. It begins with the agricultural revolution which wheat and barley were grown with methods of irrigation, terracing, and crop rotations. Raising and domesticating animals was also a practice. The developing of better tools such ones made of metals like iron and bronze. Hieroglyphics, which are picture painting, were carved into stones to show what was going on. African's contributed the 365-day calendar and are the first people to divide the year into 12 months. Also the one of the wonders of the world the pyramids are built during this time. Each weighed about 2.3 tonnes. The earliest doctors and chemists introduce mummification. Priests and kings as rulers are introduce at this time. These important contributions were copied and made better then given credit to others in the world.

Some individual contributors to African history was Imhotep a multi-genius. He was a great artisan, physician, mathematician, priest and architect. He designed the step...

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