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Blackberry 10:
The topic I will be covering is the Blackberry 10. Upon its initial press-conference (no official U.S. release yet), many smart phone users turned it’s eye towards the former leader of smart phones to see what the rumored Blackberry 10 would consist of, and with much anticipation there was a lot of praise as well as skepticism. The Blackberry team (run by Research In Motion: RIM) displayed the new models: the touch screen Z10 and its QWERTY Keyboard counterpart (for those who still demanded a keyboard). Features that were innovative to the new Blackberry 10 (aside from full-screen touch capability, ...view middle of the document...

Blackberry also did not support many social media apps like instagram, tumblr or twitter, or even Angry Birds (cultural-phenomena). So begins the race to “3rd place”, Blackberry has a lot to catch up on and hopefully it can amaze people and bring back the business and investors they lost.
The impact consumers had on the Blackberry (previous models) was that it was highly associated with a corporate market. Blackberry’s gave off a sense of professionalism and it was the “go to” phone for professionals as well as students. The cult fans of Blackberry also took to Facebook in a timely “Twilight Battle” coining the phrases “Team Blackberry v. Team iPhone”, gathering up reasons as to why the blackberry was better than the iPhone and vice-versa. One of the main reasons Blackberry had such loyal followers was due to BBM (Blackberry Messenger), collecting pins to get many friends to chat with was huge. The more pins you collected, the more potential people you could chat with, it was simply “better “ than other instant messaging devices.
I believe that with the Blackberry 10 soon to be released, this will be possibly its last attempt to compete in a market where iPhones and Androids have dominated the market. Blackberry would be a strong competitor (with its 200 Million customer’s world-wide) but it would be a long distance number 3. The battle for smart-phone supremacy falls down to the amount of apps, as well as its capability to other devices, i.e. tablets.
One thing (the main thing) that Blackberry needs to do is to restructure Blackberry App World, and gather new developers to create apps that are Blackberry compatible or Blackberry Exclusive to entice consumers to...

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