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Blackberry Essay

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Blackberry has been localizing its products in different countries especially in India. The people is India have always been the fans of this brand. One of the efforts that Blackberry put to localize its product in this country is by carrying out partnership with MaymyIndia, a local company in India. MapmyIndia is the top maps and GPS navigation system provider in India. The partnership offers all the buyers of BlackBerry Z10 one year license of MapmyIndia’s navigation software for free. Users will be able to access to turn-by-turn navigation, voice-controlled, and the most complete and precise maps of India today. BlackBerry believes that the duo will gives the most superior navigation experience to its customers in India.
Another effort put by BlackBerry in India is by lowering the selling ...view middle of the document...

The smartphone ran out of stock in just a week time in India after BlackBerry reduces its price.
What could have been done differently?
Besides lowering the prices and partnering with the GPS navigation system provider, there are other things that BlackBerry could do to improve its business in India. Firstly, Blackberry should partner with some of India’s local carriers or mobile network providers. As every phone needs a network to operate, make calls or browse the Internet, partnering with carrier companies would definitely increase the marketing of BlackBerry’s smarphones. On example of local carrier that BlackBerry could have partnership with is the Airtel Bharti. Airtel Bharti is the leading mobile service provider in India with over 20 percent market share in the India’s mobile service provider market. In 2012, Airtel Bharti has an increase of 1 504 563 subscibers, which is the highest among all other service providers in the country.
The second thing that BlackBerry could do is bundling Android with BlackBerry’s devices. As we know, what differentiate a smartphone from a dumb phone is apps. There are many different types of apps such as apps for photography, games and instant massaging, and the popularity of these apps varies among countries. For example, the Nimbuzz app which provide unlimited free messaging and free calls is very popular in India. ( ) BlackBerry tries to deliver both hardware and software at the same time which requires high costs and stong loyalty of customers. However, its customers are not loyal and are slowly moving towards other smartphone brands for that have more apps. Therefore, by bundling Android with its devices, BlackBerry could be able to retain its customers as the Android market has most of the apps.

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