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Bladerunner Essay

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Research 2014
The future nior cult classic film “Blade Runner” -The Directors Cut can be interpreted through a variety of critical lenses including the Ecofeminest lens and the Marxist lens. In order to perceptively develop my own critical understanding of the film I decided to investigate the following hypothesis: “Blade Runner-DC is a film that conveys how a capitalist society negatively influences the relations of humans and nature.” To aid me in my investigation of my hypothesis I selected two critical texts, the first one – “The Flesh Curtain: The Future of Industrial Oppression in Blade Runner”- written by Paige Eggebrecht, takes a Marxist perspective on the film. The Marxist critical ...view middle of the document...

The futuristic society in the film BR-DC reveals how corruption infiltrates when the distribution of power is shared unequally among societal parties. The Tyrell corporation is prominently conveyed as a clear Bourgeoisie,- “an omniscient overseer from a forbidding metal pyramid.”, while the socially downcast, replicants and under privileged workers represent the Proletariat. Aside from the Tyrell Corporation there seems to be no other governing bodies or corporations. This conveys to us that this society is so driven by capitalism that the ruling class is actually co-operative as opposed to political. Paige reveals the complete dominance of the Tyrell Corporation in regards to power with both economic manipulation but also manipulation of society’s outcast and impoverished. “Tyrell is in clear control of both society’s economic capital as well as something far more important: human capital. Tyrell controls the designing manufacturing and allocating of every Replicant representing a level of control so complete that by the end of the movie we have no idea how many replicants are living concealed in their own ignorance.” The Tyrell Corporation has control over the life and death of all his creations, but also his people. This is however ironic as Tyrell himself is killed by a Replicant,-(Roy), conveying the tremendous level of corruption within this capitalist society.
The upper class social structure of this hierarchical society certainly appears more appealing than the lower class. The opening shot of Blade Runner portrays a dark forbidding world where industry and mechanization thrive in a landscaped deprived of nature and belted in belching flames. “From this initial view, all we see is an industrialized landscape dominated by the panoptic gaze of the Tyrell Corporation Pyramids.” Paige reiterates the ‘God’ like presence of Tyrell and his building. Pyramids were typically built by the ancient Egyptians to carry pharaohs into after life, the symmetrical sky high shape symbolises a relation with man and God. Similarly Tyrell has God like control over his capitalist society. “Infused in this setting is a strong tone of darkness, misery, and monotony, portrayed through constant rain and sunlessness-conditions that persist throughout nearly every scene, coating every building and person in a sort of dank smog.” As Paige states, the films setting conveys how a society ravaged by the greed for economic capitalism negatively influences the environment. According to the Marxist theory (Karl Marx), by imposing such laws on the labours, the landowners were “denying any relationship to nature, even for survival, outside of the institutions of private property.” In the case of Blade Runner, industrialisation and the use of machinery to perform labour created an isolation from the people of society and nature contributing to a lesser understanding of earth, its natural systems and what is required to sustain them.
“The Replicants come to symbolise the...

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