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Blake And Wordsworth's Descriptions Of The City In London And Westminster Bridge

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Blake and Wordsworth's Descriptions of the City in London and Westminster Bridge

The poets Blake and Wordsworth have wrote two opposing poems, which
express different opinions of industrial places. I will be comparing
the language and attitude expressed by both poets. Blake seems to
express extreme dislike towards London, whilst Wordsworth expresses
like, and peace in his view towards Westminster Bridge.

In the first two lines Blake expresses clear dislike in the way the
Thames has been treated. In the first line he gives the word charter'd
meaning by saying that the streets are "each charter'd street", this
gives the meaning of "mapped". He calls ...view middle of the document...

In the fourth stanza he says that in London there are prostitutes
"Harlot" and is probably referring to way that she repulses God
(people were very religious) and that this would not happen in the
country, and that her new-born infant is cursed with the prostitutes
disease. He finishes by saying the prostitute will blight the sexual
marriage between her and her partner with disease.

With Wordsworth's poem, he his expressing a like for the morning as he
looks out upon Westminster Bridge. The title of his poem is also very
accurate as to where he is unlike Blake's which is simply named
London. The reason why he did this might have been because he wants
other people to experience what he has seen. Wordsworth is a romantic
poet, and thought that human nature and inhuman nature was holy.

In his poem he immediately starts off by saying that the earth has not
anything more beautiful than the sight he is seeing at the moment, and
strengthens this by saying that the person who could pass by this view
without looking at its sight in...

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