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Blink 182 Essay

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(Ventura, CA) -- An Orange County man accusing a priest of sexually molesting him as a child says many of the incidents took place in Ventura County almost 30 years ago. The "Ventura County Star" reports Lee Bashworth filed suit last week against Reverend Michael Wempe alleging he molested him several times when Bashworth was living in Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks. Reverend Wempe was working at Saint Jude Church of Westlake and Sacred Heart of Ventura during that time. Bashworth says he went public to support other victims. he's in spain with george -- lets work together......... ( Has anybody heard from the honorable Judge OverTurnERO? -- The General ( 707 ...view middle of the document...

Yes, that's just what happens in bad economies--prices go through the roof.-- Repboy ( By the time the first shovel full of dirt is lifted out of El Toro in order to create a park, we will all be dead and burried! Too bad for all of Orange Counties frequent business fliers, and too bad for our counties economy. Soon we will all have to move out, since it will become another Newport Rhode Island, reserved for only the super rich! -- Boeing 707 ( Boeing--Excuse me for staying awake in the 6th grade when we learned to spell. News flash for you: The "powers that be" (the people) DID "step in and do what was right for El Toro" (Measure W). Sorry you had to find out this way.-- Repboy ( Boeing: That's so typical of you narrow-minded economically ignorant pro-airport saps. You think that layout is the only thing negative about the airport plan. It doesn't matter what the layout is if you can't generate the revenue necessary to cover costs and pay the bondholders. Show us how ANY airport plan does that.-- Quietlaguna ( Hopefully, the powers that be will step in and do what's right for El Toro, and turn it in to a wonderful airport! -- Boeing 707 ( which is a total joke, because everyone voting for it has absolutely no idea that they will never see a thing! -- Boeing 707 ( Sorry Repboy, This post doesn't have spell check, did you get out your Websters to find out the correct spelling? I'm sure you did. Your little, or should I say extravagant park is something we will never see in this county, we might as well go back to the airport plan! Both sides have a dumb plan for the base, the airport, because they didn't think it out, and lay it out to the best advantage, the park, which is a total joke, because everyone voting for it has absolutely no idea that they will -- Boeing 707 ( Boeing--If I thought for one second you knew what you were talking about, I might take you seriously. But as you have been wrong every step of the way so far, there is no reason to change my belief. You did come up with two inventive spellings of "remnant", though in successive posts. That was interesting.-- Repboy ( cry me a river chumley. so now what are you really try8ing to say. the people around the base are not allowed to have a say. newport has the green light and caps on JWA. el toro has measure w. like I said cry me a river....-- lets work together......... ( If Irvine gets El Toro the only reminent of a park you'll ever see is a swing set, placed on an acre of land. It doesn't matter if it is zoned park, the developers can find all kinds of ways around it, including turning it into an air park! -- Boeing 707 ( how very transparent. you worry about developement. yet want a enormous belching airport. irvine is the one entity who will build the park. getting control of the land away from the county is the best thing that can happen. OH and...

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