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Blood Diamonds Essay

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Diamond Road Assignment

1. Rebel forces control areas and often through the forced labour of people, they produce stones that are known as blood diamonds. These rebels oppose the government, and use the money from the diamonds to purchase weapons and fund their military actions. Blood diamonds are also known as conflict diamonds.

2. If the natives own the land, they rent it to diamond companies, which will agree to leave everything like it was once they are done, Example: they will put all the fish back in the water. The natives then grow prosperous from the mine and the diamond companies are able to rent a piece of land until they no longer need it, which benefits them because ...view middle of the document...

His report also makes the industry aware that they are responsible to ensure that the industry tries to benefit everyone; including the diggers in countries such as Sierra Leone.

5. a) I do not think that the situation has been changed significantly, although it has been getting better by baby steps. In the movie we saw many families and innocent people get killed by the rebels just so they could get their hands on diamonds. In this article it states that “…in approach to Valentine’s Day, that an international system of regulating the gem trade is being systematically bypassed. Millions of men, women, and children are being killed, injured, and made homeless as a result.” As you can see the rebels still have a strong force on this countries and we have not made the situation any better for their families. People are still being tortured and killed for the possession of diamonds. Although the situation is getting better as we inform more and more consumers about conflict diamonds “…it was estimated that one in six diamonds was a conflict diamond but now, with the stricter controls in place, that percentage is now very...

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