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Bloomberg Essay

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First off as mayor of one of the most densely populated cities in America, Mayor Bloomberg should be taking on larger problems then taxing soda. Mayor Bloomberg should be worrying more about the unemployment rate, the high crime rate, and the other many problems that New York city is facing. It doesn’t make sense how a large cup of soda is concerning to a average New York city resident who is facing serious problems. People out there are facing real problems and taxing or removing large sodas won’t help any average New York City resident, so Mayor Bloomberg should focus more on the big picture
Furthermore, how exactly will he tax or ban these drinks? The mayor wants to ban only large sodas but not diet soda, smoothies, and sugary juices. This is absolutely absurd, the mayor wants to ban one unhealthy product but not another for absolutely no reason. He proposed this ...view middle of the document...

This will also affect the large soda companies such as Pepsi and Coca Cola It wouldn’t be fair to take away these drinks from both the customer and the company that is selling it.
It is totally understandable that mayor Bloomberg wants to push towards a healthier city. However the approach that he’s taking fails to solve the problem that he is targeting. Bloomberg
fails to realize that these large sodas really aren’t unhealthy. If he wants to target health then he should target cigarettes, alcohol, and exercise not a beverage. One can drink soda and still maintain a healthy diet; however there is no healthy amount of tobacco or nicotine. Cigarettes are addictive but soda is not. Second hand smoking is unhealthy but sitting next to a friend’s soda can cause absolutely no harm. Obesity is a condition that people must deal with on their own. It is more of a personal issue that the city should not get involved in. The way that Mayor Bloomberg is presenting his solution seems to be more affective to a product such as tobacco or something that is addictive.
It’s great that Mayor Bloomberg is trying to help the obese in New York City, however the way that he’s presenting it won’t result in much success. “Obesity is a nationwide problem, and all over the United States, public health officials are wringing their hands saying, ‘Oh, this is terrible,’ New York City is not about wringing your hands; it’s about doing something.”(Mayor Bloomberg). This is a very inspirational speech but if the mayor really wants to do something he can push for it in a different way such as exercise because eliminating a large soda really isn’t doing anything at all.
Finally, this approach wouldn’t have a positive outcome because it affects the wrong people, there are other problems to worry about, there are better solutions in place. There is no way that you can tax these sodas in a fair way. Also many people may not be fond of this approach. So although Mayor Bloomberg may think he has a good solution, it seems to be ineffective.

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