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Blooms Research And Response Essay

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Bloom’s Research and Response
Ralph Guzman
June 1, 2012
Professor Smith

Bloom’s Research and Response
Teaching is something that goes hand-in-hand with nursing. As the teaching role for the Registered Nurse (RN) expands so must the nurse’s teaching skills through continuing education.
Because of the diversity of patient population, hospitals and public heath settings the RN should be well prepared to effectively teach patients from all walks of life ie., education, age, culture, religion, etcetera (Crosby, 1977). This essay will go over Bloom’s taxonomy of education and its use in nursing education, the applications of the nursing ...view middle of the document...

In the cognitive domain of Bloom’s taxonomy the patient should be able to evaluate his/her situation and create or modify the teaching they received to better meet their specific situation such as modifying an exercise routine.
Affective: In the affective domain patients are expected to be aware and attentive to the teaching they are receiving from their nurse. A patient would be receptive and be able to recognize a need for a lifestyle change if called for. Participation is also expected from the patient. An example of this would be for a patient to actively engage in making the changes necessary and including their family for support. In this domain a patient would be expected to be responsive and value the new information they have been taught and apply it to their daily lives. Valuing and prioritizing would be something a patient should be able to do after being taught by their nurse such as being able to organize and prioritize the management of their disease or in preventing disease. Internalization would be a goal to have when teaching a patient such as a patient being able to sustain lifestyle...

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