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In the documentary "Blue Gold: World Water Wars", the film makers discuss the element of water shortage and how water is increasingly becoming privatized by large multi-national corporations (MNC). The intent of the film is to allow the audience to appreciate the importance of water and to raise awareness to two important issues: environmental issues and private interests surrounding the water sector, with the latter being the main argument (theme) of the documentary.

In my opinion, the film is very persuasive. The film makers efficiently use a variety of visual aids, historical case studies, expert testimonies, and statistics to convey their points. Using ...view middle of the document...

While I believe that the film makers did a great job in raising awareness to the various environmental issues surrounding water, I find that their attempt to raise awareness of water privatization and their critique of corporations to be weak. In my opinion, one of the first flaws in their argument is that the film makers fail to discuss opposing perspectives and points of views to allow the audience to think and carefully evaluate the evidence for themselves. In criticizing multi-national corporations (MNC) and their capitalistic goals, they fail to point out that there are some positive elements from their presence in these poor regions of the world. MNCs provide these poor regions the technology and funding to extract water from various sources, otherwise unavailable to these regions in the first place. Also, corporations entering into a region will provide jobs for people thus increasing their standard of living. In failing to address all perspectives of an argument, the film makers can be criticized on the basis of selecting pieces of evidence that solely support their argument, instead, of presenting all of the facts so the audience can make a decision for themselves.

Another flaw that can be seen in the movie is logical inconsistency. One such example is evident when the film states that multi-national corporations exploit third world countries and their inhabitants. Whether or not this statement is true, it is not entirely accurate to direct all the blame towards corporations. The film fails to point out...

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