Blue Shadow Essay

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In a land of magic, there is a castle on the top of the mountain. There lives a family with a new born child. The brother of the new born is watching the baby, and the mother tells her husband give each child a ring. The brother asks mother what is the meaning of that ring. The mother smiles to the boy and says it is family tradition to pass on the ring to their children. In that moment, a dark witch comes in to the castle. Everyone is being spelled by the dark power. The dark witch comes in and kills the man and the woman with a strong fight. The parents known the dark witch will come, so they send both the boy and the baby sister to the real world from being killed.Once the boy and the ...view middle of the document...

Every time she runs away, the harsher event comes to her. Now the only thing in her mind was the dream she had last night. It was a beautiful land; everywhere was sunshine and full of joy, no worries and no sadness only joy! Suddenly she remembers the sadness when mother died and the father was so hardhearted, telling her that she was not their child. The only thing she brings to the family was bad luck. Time runs on, not stopping, for the eighteen years Elizabeth had a feeling of escape so strong that it would crash her mind. She wanted to go the place that appears in her dream, and now it is the time!In the north of Russia, there is a man that has the ability to do anything. He has the most money and power in the country and his name was Alexander Dick. No one can stop him from doing anything. Fortunately, no one knows him, only some important leaders know him and he never shows his identity to any person. When the argument of the Cuba missile and the cold war started, Alexander decided to hold on to the problem and went out by himself and left an unfinished business to the leader of Soviet Union. His decision made the Soviet Union into a chaos within the government. But they didn't show any panic in the country.On the road of a small town, a horse is pulling a wagon; on the back of it was a box and Elizabeth sleeps there. The wagon takes her wherever it goes and along the way she met an old man. The old man was around 90 but his eyes where clearer than anyone else's. Along the road he is talking to Elizabeth about how the world would end if the bomb drops. The old man was the elder of the spirit world. He travels between the reality world and the magic land. When he saw the girl, he knows she was the one that could kill the dark witch and save both worlds. Elizabeth was happy to meet the old man; she feels that the old man is not like a bad person. On the road, Elizabeth talks to him about the place she wants to find. The old man mysteriously says to the girl that when the time is right, she will find the place.Alexander went to the place where he can relax. On his way, he dressed like a normal person and went on with a group of people that went to the east for war preparations. These people, some are afraid about the war and some say die or live nothing to be scared of. Alexander listens to them taking but he didn't say a word. At the small city, the car stops for the night. Alexander went out and bought supplies for the night. On his way back, he met Elizabeth. Elizabeth was also looking for food, but she has no money. When she sees the food in Alexander's hand, she stares with a hopeful eye wanting to have food. Alexander saw her hopeful eyes and he shared the food with her. After he give Elizabeth a place for stay the night, he went back to his room and all night he thought about those two eyes and he looked at a white blanket.That night the wind blew hard, everyone was sleep except Elizabeth and Alexander. Elizabeth is thinking about the...

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