Blueprint For Personal Growth Essay

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Blueprint for Personal & Professional Growth (BPPG)
 (To be completed in Week 8)
The following document contains important information as you continue your BluePrint exercise. Please read through the entire document before proceeding to complete the assignment. This document includes:

Definition of BPPG: 1
Goals for the BPPG: 2
Due Dates and Guidelines for the BPPG: 2
Grading for the BPPG: 2
MMBA 6510: Leading People BPPG Assignment: 3

Definition of BPPG: 
The adult learner and the business professional in the 21st century must learn to self-manage, self-monitor, and self-motivate to meet the multiple demands in his/her personal and professional life. The ...view middle of the document...

We encourage you to work on this activity throughout the weeks of each term even though it is due in week 8, typically.
2) You will spend approximately 4–5 hours at the end of Week 8 reflecting on the impact of the course work and your personal dispositions. This reflection or introspection should be personal, purposeful, and intentional so that you can assess your current skills, abilities, and dispositions then determine how you will continue to develop, hone, or strengthen specific skills, abilities, or dispositions.
Goals for the BPPG:
This BPPG document will be referenced throughout the MBA program. The BPPG was introduced in your first course in the MBA program and you will continue to work on it throughout your program. Be sure to save your BPPG applications throughout the program, refer back to them when you begin your next installation and reflect on them as you continue in your professional growth through your MBA.
1. The student reads, researches, and incorporates learning resources (sources beyond personal experience or anecdotes) in response to reflection questions.
2. The student demonstrates the critical thinking skills of comparing/contrasting, analyzing, and inquiry during reflection.
3. The student explores and examines his/her own individual values and belief system during the reflective activity.
4. The student identifies patterns or connections between theory and practice.
5. The student focuses on thoughts based on past and current learning and describes how the learning or course content has or may affect future paths.
Due Dates and Guidelines for the BPPG:

* Your BPPG is due in Week 8 of each course. (The Week 8 activities will be introduced in Week 1 [and following weeks as appropriate] as a Forward Thinking activity.)
* Your BPPG is a scholarly reflection and thus must be written using APA formatting.
* In writing your BPPG you should incorporate course content and theories and use at least 5 references found within the course and in the Walden library. Be sure to properly cite all references, using APA guidelines.
* It is important that you save your BPPG work because you will be organizing, analyzing, and presenting your final BPPG in the final course of this program
* Your BPPG assignment will typically be at least 5 pages (excluding title page, introduction, conclusion, and reference pages) in length. Your instructor will look for quality, not quantity of the work you submit.
Grading Criteria/Guidelines for the BPPG:
There is a BPPG grading rubric that will used by your instructor to assess your work. As you prepare to write your BPPG, you should download the rubric and review the elements and criteria carefully. The rubric will outline the elements that you should pay close attention to and the grading criteria associated with each element. If you have any questions, consult with your instructor.
MMBA 6510: Leading...

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