Bluetooth Technology Basics Essay

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The pace in which technology advances in the past centuries around the world is enormously mesmerizing. As we glance into the future, we can see that technological novelty will indefatigably move on. There is no doubt that we all agree that the 1st century have seen and witness advancement in terms of information technology when contrast to other centuries. One of the fast growing areas in information technology is wireless communications. Wireless communications are progressively becoming more accepted in today of technology dependent society. People across the globe can now send and receive messages through the air, which means through a wireless communications. The evolution of wireless ...view middle of the document...

For instance, Bluetooth technology allows devices such as PC, MP3 players, and mobile phones and headsets to connect with one another. Unlike infrared, Bluetooth connect with other Bluetooth enable devices without requiring line-of-sight positioning thereby modifying wireless local area network and however, noted for its small size range of connection and low cost (
Bluetooth version ranges from v1.1 through v3.0 + HS. Bluetooth versions 1.1 were invented to ratified IEEE Standard 802.15.1. It offers many error correction found in 1.0B specifications and provide non-encrypted channel. After Bluetooth V1.1 came V1.2 with faster connection and discovery. It also supports higher transmission speed with extended synchronous connections that provide and support voice quality of audio links as well as enabling retransmission of corrupted packets. Furthermore, Bluetooth v1.2 also has Host Controller Interface (HCI) that enables individual to configure and modify the connection. Bluetooth version 2.0 +EDR provide faster data transfer of about 3 megabits per second. Besides that, it also uses Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying (GFSK) and Phase Shift Keying (PSK) combine to correct both positive and negative frequency. Nevertheless, the invention of Bluetooth version 2.1 + EDR was to enhance the secure simple pairing of v2.1 + EDR. In April 2009, Bluetooth version 3.0 +HS were adopted by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) to support data transfer of about 24 Megabit/s. it main feature is AMP (Alternate MAC/PHY). For instance, Bluetooth v3.0 + HS enable the use of alternate MAC/PHYs for transporting profile data. However, Bluetooth radio is still in use for initial connection, configuration, and device discovery. Additionally, Bluetooth v3.0 +HS support unicast connectionless data without creating Logical Link Control and Adaptation of Protocol channel (L2CAP). Bluetooth v3.0 + HS enhance power control thereby canceling open loop and clarifying ambiguities when new modulation schemes are added to produce expected behavior. In addition, the feature also create closed loop power control that makes use receive signal strength indicator (RSSI) to filter response when it start (Technologies, 2006)
The Way we connect things in this technology oriented society is no doubt becoming more and more complex. Because of complexity in communications in today, technology dependent society, human tendency is driven to using simpler form of communications technology that is flexible and straightforward to understand. Bluetooth technology no doubt offers such qualities, which make more fascinating to use. Therefore, when connecting Bluetooth enables devices, there are some steps they must take and should be able to agree to one another on a different levels. A Bluetooth is often used to stream either messages, multimedia like videos etc. this connection is wireless that does require automatic connection with other Bluetooth enable devices. To...

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