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Blurry Night Essay

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A Blurry Night
The air was hot, the time was right, and the kegs were cold. It was a hot June morning, the morning of my high school graduation party. The decorations were put up weeks in advance, the food was in the oven. Pulled pork, taco salad, and Italian beef were on the menu for the night. Everything was in place for a great night, except for one thing. My mother would not let me drink during the party. This did not sit well with me. I agreed to not drinking to avoid a conflict, but I knew I would despite what she said.
The party started around two o clock. It was mainly family for a while sitting and talking. About four o clock the first keg ran dry and I did not get a drop of it. One down two to go I said to myself. When I saw the ...view middle of the document...

While making my plate I found Jodi. I asked her to get me a beer to wash down my food with. My friends and I went to eat by the pool that was not being used because my mother was scared of people drowning. Before I was able to to take my first bite of a steaming hot BBQ pulled pork sandwich Jodi placed two red solos cups of full of frosty cold Coors light in front of me. A smile broke across my face. I now knew my problem was solved.
After eating I returned to my spot by the corn hole boards where an intense double elimination competition was being held. At this point in time (about six thirty) people were no longer showing up in waves, they were all showing up at once. Someone came up behind me, leaped from a distance that was farther than normal I could tell by the impact that almost knocked me to the ground. It was Jodi. I could tell by the slur in her words she had far more than the two glasses of beer that I had. She said I’m going to town for your graduation present. As her and her friends left a wave of excitement rushed through my body as I was trying to guess what she was getting me. This feeling did not last long as I was immediately forced to keep greeting people.
Jodi returned a little after six. In her hand was a bottle of Jack Daniels, the other a two liter of soda. Again a smile broke across my face. I hugged Jodi, thank her then left my spot by the corn hole boards. I sprint to my room, place the bottle and soda under my comforter. I go to find my best friend Chris and my girlfriend of three years Julie. I command them to go to my room and wait for me. I then tell Jodi to to bring four red solo cups of beer to my room. We all started taking shots. After the shots I was feeling pretty good. I made myself a jack and coke. And returned to the party.

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