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Bmw Case Study

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BMW Film Study

The advantages of the BMWFilms campaign are that it gets the product out there without spoon-feeding or forcing information or logo down the consumer’s throats. As one consumer posted on the website, “BMW lets the directors do whatever they want and they’re not constantly shoving the BMW logo in your face.” The films were directed by famous film directors, starred an A-list actor, and were very entertaining. As the article states people were becoming highly interested in the character of the driver. It also was an advantage because even though, as shown in exhibit 7, most BMW consumers are married men with no children from the ages of 45-64, it also reached out to a younger generation. The average visitor of the films website, according to exhibit ...view middle of the document...

Also without a high-speed internet it would take a really long time to load the films and if you want to download a really long time as well.
I believe it was a successful campaign because the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages and the BMW market was expanded to other segments. I don’t see BMW as a car for only 45-64 year old married men with no children most BMW drivers I see are ages 25-50 both male and female and with children and the new BMW SUV. Also by showing short trailers on TV and putting movie ads in the newspaper was a great idea to get the website and the films out there.
I would have recommended producing a feature-film. If people enjoyed the series of shorts, they felt attached to the character, and were asking for a feature film then that was the best possible option. With a feature film, more of BMW cars could have been shown in the film itself, or even in the previews before the movie. Plus, it could have been extra profit that could have been used toward future marketing campaigns. Also with a feature-film trailers would be made and shown all over the Internet and on TV, reaching people who might not have known or seen the original films. Also all the publicity that the movie will get would only help BMW. The reason I don’t agree with the other options are that “milking” the existing film will only overwhelm people and cause them to be annoyed and begin to despise the films. Also, it can relay the idea that BMW wasn’t able to create another creative marketing campaign, kind the “same old stuff” idea. I don’t agree with do nothing and move on because a marketing campaign that was as successful as this, should not be abandoned while it’s still a buzz in society. Even though history showed that “sequels” didn’t work for BMW, I believe in this case it was worth the risk.

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