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Bod Report

995 words - 4 pages

Applied Business Management Question and Answer Sessions W2016

The Question and Answer sessions will consist of the teacher asking questions about your Year 11-13 Company performance. Each team session will be 20-25 minutes in length and each team member will be asked questions regarding their Function(s) and/or Region(s). The questions will come from the following topics:
* Year 11-13 Performance - Strategy & Priorities
* Year 13 Actual versus Plan/Projected (major variances)
* Year 13 Actual versus Industry Average (major variances)
* Long-term Strategy Implications/Considerations - Overall Company, Marketing, Production, Finance, Private Label & Distribution, ...view middle of the document...


* What caused the major miss in your actuals vs projected Y13 numbers? What happened that you did not anticipate? How do you plan to overcome this in the future?
* The projected numbers for year 13 were not even close to what the actuals were
* We had low S/Q rated shoes at a really high price which of course did not sell and there were not that many orders.
* We priced our wholesale price higher than the internet price which should’ve been the opposite
* Who is the competitor you fear the most, what are they doing and what are you planning to do to mitigate the risk?
* What are the reasons for the increase/decrease from Year 12 in gross profit?
* What are the reasons for the increase/decrease from Year 12 in operating profit?
* How do you plan to increase earnings per share in Year 14?
* What is the reason that your Return on Equity is above/below your Year 13 Plan?
* What is the reason for not paying any dividends in Year 13?
* Why did you end up taking an overdraft loan Y13? What happened with your Y13 cash flow that you did not expect in your Y13 Plan?

* What are the reasons for the increase from Year 12 in Internet market share?
* What are the reasons for your Wholesale market share being below Plan for Year 13?
* Which of the other teams is your biggest competitor in the Wholesale market and what are you doing to prevent them from taking market share away from you?

* How can you compensate when your main competitor has higher celebrity appeal than your company?
* How much does the number of models offered affect internet market share?
* What are the reasons for picking the two celebrities that you have?
* What are the factors that determine your company’s Image ranking and what are your plans to improve it in the future years?

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