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Body Image In Media Essay

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Down to the skin and bones
By Rhys Loors
We have all seen the supposedly perfect figure for men and women in magazines, but have we ever seen this figure on the street. The answer is no, we haven’t seen this “perfect” figure in real life. The average Aussie just doesn’t have this body shape. It is so misleading and fake that some of the models and movie stars getting their pictures taken, don’t even really look like that, there body’s are being technologically enhanced to look like manufactured Barbie dolls. The scary thing is, allot of female models actually do look like this, wearing size two clothing with next to no meat on their bones. "We know seeing super-thin models can play a role in causing anorexia," says Nada Stotland, professor of psychiatry at Rush Medical College in Chicago and vice president of the American Psychiatric Association. Perfect body image in the media is more prominent in females, ...view middle of the document...

The girls that were placed in this minority were said to have the highest self esteem and confidence in their physical appearance. Murnen and her colleagues reviewed 21 studies that looked at the media's effect on more than 6,000 girls, ages 10 and older, and found those who were exposed to the most fashion magazines were more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and develop eating disorders such as anorexia.
We grow up with various forms of media feeding us a warped sense of what our body’s should look like in order to be appealing or desired by the opposite sex instead of being advised how to eat healthily and maintain a healthy lifestyle. However when it comes to the crunch the “prefect” body proved to be allot different according to the thirty Melbourne men that took part in a rather spontaneous test. 6 life size figures of women of all shapes and sizes were places on the foot path and 30 men were asked which body shape they thought was most desirable, amongst the six figures was the body of a super model. All of the women were in bra and undies and the results from the men were astounding. Out of the thirty men asked, a massive 15 men chose the same women, it was figure 5 the body of a 24 year old, in shape, curvy women. “Pretty face but needs a bit of meat on the bones” was the comments from one of the men when asked about figure one, the figure of Stephanie Naumoska the super model from Australia.
Women shouldn't be comparing themselves with these girls, run way models are anomalies of nature. They are freaks of nature. They are not average. They are unnaturally thin and have incredibly long legs compared to the rest of their body. Their eyes are wide set apart. Their cheekbones are high. They average 54 to 56 kg and wear a size 2 or 4. They have a unique look that is chosen to model the clothing not the body shape, this is what young women today are looking past.
Weather your male or female, weigh 60 kg or 80 kg, weather you short or tall. Nothing else counts except your health. Without your health you have nothing and if society would focus less on fashion and body image, we would create a brighter social future for tomorrow’s generation.

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