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Body Image Media Analysis

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When it comes to trying to sell a product, advertising companies tend to create campaigns that they believe will appeal to their target audience. Depending on the product, campaigns are seen accordingly. However, one thing that majority of advertisements have in common is displaying an attractive man or woman in their advertisement. This is because more people seem to pay more attention and are more inclined to purchase something when they find it appealing. It is astonishing however, to put such advertisements side by side regardless of what each company is trying to sell. You will come to find that the female and male ...view middle of the document...

The advertisement without a doubt brings a women’s self-esteem down and makes them second guess themselves because they may not have this perfect body that society is telling them that they should have. With regards to eating habits, this advertisement may influence women to generate some sort of eating disorder because of the advertisement telling them there is only one way to look and having curves is the wrong look. This in return, may cause for more drastic measures of dieting, binge eating, or not eating at all, rather then just buying the girdle. Lastly, it could put feeling feminine because they may not have this perfect body, and if they don’t they may feel like less of a woman.

Music Video: (Link for Video)
There are several types of music genres, each with its own unique style. Each type of genre omits different kinds of messages through their lyrics and music videos. Depending on the type of influence (good or bad) an artist has, determines how their fans will take that information and use it towards themselves and others. The music video I chose to write about is titled “Pretty Hurts” By Beyonce. I think this video puts great emphasis on the societal pressures on Women, and how detrimental it could be to their health. The video begins with beauty pageant contestants undergoing a gruelling pampering regime. At “0:13”, a contestant is trying on a pink dress and sucking in, hoping that she will fit into the dress, rather the dress fitting her body type. Continuing on to 0:17, another contestant is pinching her waist while looking dissatisfied with the results of how much excess skin she thinks she may have. Right off the bat, a distain of the way they look causes them to have a sense of low self-esteem of themselves, which can in the future could cause them to continue to try and lose weight when really they are already thin enough to begin with. As the music video progresses, at 2:26 - 2:36 Beyonce (who is a contestant in the pageant) is getting weighed to see if she fits the weight requirement, however by the reaction of the judge you can tell she got negative feedback. The number on the scale was seen as overweight, when really it could be a healthy weight for her but could be seen as a heavy weight for society and the competition. Beyonce then gets measured by her abdomen and is hit at her thighs by the judge, once again getting dismissed by having to large of a measurement. Due to all these demands regardless of competing in a pageant or not, these expectations can cause some form of stress. The stress can be triggered by various situations, and can be handled differently depending on the individual. In this particular circumstance, Beyonce is triggered by the constant ridicule and high expectations of body image and competing with these other girls. Due to this, she beings to excercise excessively at 3:19 along with becoming obsessed with the idea of maintaining/losing more...

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