Body Language Essay

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General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform people about body language and it’s effects on human behavior.
Central Idea: Although people think body language isn’t essential, however it’s actually the original form of communication since the beginning of mankind.

I. Introduction:
1. Attention Material:
A. Visual Aids: pictures on PowerPoint slides

2. Orienting material:
A. Statistics
B. Body language affects every person on daily basis in communicating with one another.

* We’re going to start by the simple basics of the body language, which basically are eye contact, facial expressions, and head movements.

II. Body:
1. Eye ...view middle of the document...

* They might also think that the watcher know/recognizes them in a way.

2. Facial Expression:
A. The most positive and common facial expression used is smiling.
* Customers and clients will respond more gladly than to other employees.
* Smiling represents your personality, so if a person is optimistic it seems that they’re always smiling.
* Some smiles are perceived in a negative way; such as smiling to a person you dislike would mean that you have a negative action in mind towards them.
* Most people would recognize a smile and react to it, especially young people will respond more frequently than older people.

B. There are a lot of facial expressions that can be recognized easily but at the same time can have different meaning depending on the background and personality.
* Acting the six most common facial expressions and play the guessing game.
* 1. Happiness 2. Sadness 3. Disgust/contempt 4. Anger 5. Fear 6. Interest
* Happiness: greeting gesture and usually means pleasure, sometimes could be meant as sarcasm or aggression
* Sadness: is revealed by the lack of expression
* Disgust/contempt: shown by the narrowing of the eyes and a frowning
* Anger: gritting of the teeth together and a steady gaze.
* Fear: wide open eyes and trembling
* Interest: eyes wider open than normal and a slightly open mouth

3. Head...

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