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Bombardier Sustainability Essay

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Sustainability is the capacity to endure, to last, and to make conscious decisions that will allow for the well being of the future.

Mr. Jim Banks, a senior employee at Bombardier Canada, came to John Abbott College to lead a talk about the role that bombardier plays in Canada. He also came to speak about issues with fossil fuels and its consumption, and our sustainability; how we are now making important decisions that will try to ensure a bright and healthy future for us and our planet.

He began his presentation by first talking about himself. He started out as a technician, much like ...view middle of the document...

This became a very lucrative endeavor for them.

Jim Banks told us all about the design procedure of creating an aircraft. There is a method used in the industry called multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO). It is essentially a collaboration of the design sector as a whole to work as one on a project, contrasting the traditional design practice of having teams of engineers working on individual systems and then bringing them all together. It is a complex method where all relevant areas of the process are worked on at the same time. This has been found to produce the best results. No doubt, it does have its setbacks, including a much more complicated work environment, however it is what allows for them to be so successful. Their main weapon in the business is their design foresight. Rather than focusing on short-term, highly lucrative goals, they focus on future benefits. Bombardier’s design foresight process includes; foresight (to explore and discuss possible scenarios), insight (reflect on past endeavors and anticipate what will happen next in the market) and action (plan new strategies, implement new requirements, and make robust decisions bringing new opportunities).

The need for design foresight in all major industries is essential to success. We need design foresight to be able to create things that make sense now and that will make sense in the future. There is a short-term mindset that drives the business word. It is constantly about the quarterly revenue, or yearly revenue, but how about in ten years from now. Short-term oriented goals will not pay off in the grand scheme of things. It is the long-term effects that we need to be anticipating.

The benefits of design foresight are numerous. They create a culture based on ‘future thinking’ and of inspired innovation. That adds more confidence to mid-to-long term business plans & risks, which is needed to have success in the future. Design foresight also improves organizational agility (anticipation & responsiveness to change).
Jim told us that the purpose of...

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