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Book Of Eli Essay

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Anastasia PropheteCWV 301David FarbishelJuly 5, 2014The Book of EliAfter this huge apocalypse event that occurred in 2043 the main character survives through the land by killing small animals and raiding through dead people's belongings such as their house or cars. He fights his way through different obstacles which including almost being robbed to even being manipulated. There is a purpose for this long travel he does and people are trying to stop it for themselves.The purpose of the main character is to show people the strength that someone has when one sense is lost but aided by the other four. He is a protector in the way of protecting His book. He travels the harsh lands to deliver this book. In the eyes of the outsider he is looked as a missionary that will not give ...view middle of the document...

He walks by faith not by sight; this was stated to the traveling girl that questioned if he knew where he was actually going. The scene where Carnegie has a shootout with the old couple, Eli, and the traveling girl shows the importance of this bible being in their possession. Another event that occurred that showed miraculous powers was when Carnegie shot Eli but he stood up. He did in deed fall back to the ground but the fact he stood after being shot showed strength and fear to the other mobsters.There were in fact positives and negatives events that occurred in the film. A positive was the strength Eli had for surviving for thirty years and not giving up his faith. On the flip side, he did kill people in order to survive. Another positive was that he protected this bible with all his life and would die over it. In return, he did get shot and held hostage. To this negative Carnegie could not unlock the book making it still untouchable. The ultimate positive was Eli resisting the temptation of lust which is a deadly (moral) sin. The test of faith was all around him but he did not give up nor steer away from the words of God. The purpose of this man was to show that the blind can be led through the fires of Hell by faith and belief. All his senses but one worked and with that he used this to engage in something more powerful than anyone can experience. The bible was later to be shown in braille meaning that he was the only one that was supposed to be the missionary of God. This was a King James Bible. He memorized the whole Bible and spoke the words of God for the man with the library so that he can have a written copy of the Bible. The positive and negatives created a masterpiece movie with the love of God and the faith we can have with our beliefs.

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