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Book Report : Anne Of Green Gables

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I read the book Anne of Green Gables and then watched the movie. The book and the movie were different in a lot of ways but the same in a lot of ways too.Now here is the basic plot of Anne of Green Gables, the movie and the book. Anne Shirley is a red-haired, freckled orphan who is mistakenly sent to live with Matthew Cuthbert and his sister, Marilla, in the town of Avonlea. Her wild imagination, nonstop talking, and hot temper show us throughout the book that she is a very interesting orphan. As she ...view middle of the document...

Now here are some of the differences between the movie and the book. The book does not start out with Anne?s past, but the movie they shows us her whole past. Then, in the movie at Mr. Phillips? departure, Josie Pye bets Anne to walk the ridge pole. Anne sprains her ankle. In the book, she gets dared to walk it at the party, and she breaks her ankle. Gilbert offers to walk her home. Another thing is in the book Matthew get Mrs. Rachel to make Anne a new brown dress for Christmas. But, in the movie, he buys her a new blue dress for a ball. Then in the book Anne and her friends make a story club, but they don?t have one in the movie. A different thing is when Anne got accepted to Queens; it was Gilbert who told Anne that they tied, not her friend Diana. Then at the end of the movie Gilbert tells Anne that he is giving up Queens so that she could teach there instead. In the book Mrs. Rachel tells Anne. Then the final thing is that Matthew died from when the cows back to their pasture and had a heart attack in the movie. But in the book he died from seeing that his bank went bankrupt in the newspaper.

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