Book Report On: The New Pearl Harbor (By David Griffin)

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There is an elephant in the room and everyone is walking around it without mentioning it is there. It is so obvious but no one is admitting they see it as if to see it meant being responsible for its care, feeding and cleaning. David Ray Griffin is at least willing to notice that there is a space in the room without people. He is willing to ask why there are people everywhere but in the elephant shaped space in the middle of the room. He brings amazing information to the people in the room. He is describing the elephant but not naming the elephant. He stops just short of being stuck with the responsibility for the elephant. Or, perhaps he is afraid of the elephant and does not want to ...view middle of the document...

This is not the behavior of any sane person. This is not the standard operating behavior of any secret service agent in the world protecting a president. How did the White House think no one would know they lied about the president leaving immediately upon being informed when there was taped evidence to the contrary? Griffen writes on page 61: Apparently, say critics, the White House was so confident that none of its lies about 9/11 would be challenged by the media that it felt safe telling this one even though it is flatly contradicted by Sammon's pro-Bush book and by the video tape produced that day, which, as Wood and Thompson put it, "shows these statements are lies - unless 'a matter of seconds' means over 700 seconds!"Another "How" question is how US intelligence can fail to know in advance there would be trouble when the FBI told Ashcroft to stay off commercial flights? And How are we supposed to believe no one knew about the event in advance when such an "extremely high volume of "put options" were purchased for the stock of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter which occupied 22 stories of the World Trade Center, and for United and American Airlines, the two airlines used in the attacks"? (p. 71). And HOW is it no one has ever identified who made those purchases that resulted in a gain of at least 10 million dollars in profit? How are we supposed to believe Osama bin Laden is the enemy of the United States when the US put a huge reward for his capture, but was treated by an American doctor and visited by the CIA while in the hospital in UAE? (p.76). Finally, how can a whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds, get fired (p. 82) and the incompetent intelligence officers in the CIA, FBI, and NSA get promoted in a government that is innocent? (p. 122).The videos for this class were in some ways more devastating than the actual events. The attack on the WTC were horrifying, but when you realize that there is more evidence to suggest it was planned and carried out with US cooperation is paralyzing. Reading that the plane that crashed into the pentagon does not have the same impact as seeing the number of security cameras that were functioning as the plane crashed into the pentagon and not one frame of film from any of those cameras has been released. There is only one conclusion that can be drawn from this: the government REALLY does not want anyone to know what was on those tapes. If it was a hijacked airplane flown by an Arab Muslim Extremist, wouldn't the government WANT the people to see it so they could more easily get the support of the people for the War against Terror? The videos are helpful in seeing for ourselves the differences between the official statements and the reality. These are not simple misunderstandings. They are deliberate deceptions. Why would the government deliberately deceive the people if the official version of events were true? If the official version of events is not true, then what is? For most Americans what is true is unthinkable....

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