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Book Review Of Mitri Raheb's Book Entitled "I Am A Palestinian Christian"

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I Am a Palestinian ChristianBy: Mitri Raheb, Ruth C. Gritsch, (translator)ReviewChristian Reality in PalestineMitri Rabeb's book, I Am a Palestinian Christian, is a religiously inclined book. It gives great insight to the Palestinian Christians struggles within the area of Israel. Most information that we get is based on either Jewish or Muslims opinions, but rarely do we get to see the hardships that the people in the middle face.Raheb is a Palestinian Christian pastor who ministers in Bethlehem and tells his experience of what other Palestinian Christians face in that region. He writes this book with the intention of being a mediator between the Western Christian world and the Palestinian ...view middle of the document...

(23)Chapters 5-9 give a personal perspective on interpreting the Bible in the Israeli-Palestinian context. It talks about the Promised Land, which in my interpretation is the land promised to the descendants of Abraham. Concluding that the Palestinian and Israelites are all descendants and each have claim to the land promised by God in the Bible.There are no boundaries to the Promised Land. It is unknown whether they should follow the boundaries of the empire of David and Solomon or those started by Joshua or that of the Northern Kingdom, because the Bible doesn't specify them. So it is difficult for them to apply the promises. Raheb wonders how Israel should solve this problem of where the Promised Land is located. Biblical history shows that God gave permission for only the obedient to go to the Promised Land. "The land happens to be the homeland of two peoples. Each of them should understand this land to be a gift of God to be shared with each other. Peace and blessing on the land and on the two peoples will depend on this sharing. Only then will the biblical promises be fulfilled" (80)The...

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