Book Review Of Philomena Goodman's Book "Women, Sexuality And War"

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Philomena Goodman in her book, Women, Sexuality and War, writes a rebuttal against those historians who dismiss women's war and oral history as reputable and worthwhile. In the introduction Goodman spends a lot of time justifying her use of oral histories in her book. Stating that 'critics of oral history suggest memory is an unreliable source of information'. She refutes it with the argument, 'oral history is not a transparent representation of experience or a reproduction of reality, but it can represent and priviledge women's words and act as a potential challenge to dominant accounts'. This is possibly an attempt to dispute critics of oral history who disagree with its evidential use. ...view middle of the document...

She attempts to utilise oral histories, archival research and published work, but fails to fully capitalise in on their use. Her failing to utilise oral history sources in the area of women's welfare has a big impact on her overall argument. There are alot of statements written based purely on assumption with no evidence to vindicate them. In other parts it is blatantly obvious that Goodman has manipulated the context of her sources to fit her argument, leaving it sounding rather contrived and desperate. Goodman also takes sources that do not apply to the war experience in the slightest and uses it as evidence. What results is flimsy, unconvincing points of argument in certain areas. An example is the introduction where in justifying her use of oral history, she goes overboard in referencing others work, even if irrelevant, to validate her own; Whilst it may not give definitive answers, oral history as an interpretive process 'help[s] to recast the question of how we evaluate social change' (Glick 1984, p.110). Recognising the value of subjectivity suggests a challenge to accepted categories of history (Samuel and Thompson 1990, p.2).Goodman's referencing style detracts from the strength of her argument. She has used APA style referencing, used in Sociology, whereas it would have been more academic to use footnotes, as her argument is dominantly historical rather than sociological. The lack of illustrations also inhibits the strength of Goodman's work. She makes several references to Government propaganda and advertising campaigns, but fails to include copies of such propaganda in her work. An example is in relation to her veneral disease argument where she talks about the poster campaign labelling women as pollutant. Adding images would have strengthened and uplifted her argument. The chapter on "Women on the Factory Floor" needed tables showing the positions women held, how much they were paid, and another graph showing the same statistics for men, to build a contrast between the two to set up the masculine/feminine dichotomy of the war period. In Chapter 2 Goodman fails to show the extent of women's sexual promiscuity. She could have showed pregnancy and marriage figures of women before, during and after the war. It would have empowered the argument as it would have made it easier to interpret. A section on "Women in the male gaze: the 'pin up'" could have been strengthened if Goodman had included one of the typical pin-up images. It would illustrate the dominant discourse regarding women as a sexual object. The same can be said for "Advertising and the Beauty Myth", as visual images of how advertisers were portraying patriotic femininity are needed. Goodman's book suffers other weaknesses. The book is titled Women, Sexuality and War, but there is not enough study afforded to sexuality. She neglects to study the myriad sexualities that exist and instead focuses only on heterosexuality. It is a rather bland account as it...

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