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Book Review: The Gift Of Being Yourself

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Book Review of:
The Gift of Being Yourself
Authored by David G. Benner

Lori Mitchell
May 6th, 2013

In the book, The Gift of Being Yourself, David Benner lays out a sound plan for spiritual formation. Benner asserts that to be acquainted with God completely, one needs to identify their true self fully as well. We cannot know God without knowing ourselves initially. After identifying this need for knowing God and self is laid out in chapter one, the manuscript is ordered around comprehensive desires confronted by Christians. The focus of chapter two is recognizing the necessity for knowing God in the depth of one’s being. This changes those that ...view middle of the document...

I am learning to be more ‘real,’ but it a slow process. It feels very vulnerable.
The rest of the book shows that a great transformation happens when one discovers how someone is known by God and when they find identity, fulfillment and vocation in a hidden self in Christ. You can follow your true calling in life, once you surrender to God and seek God. God’s call will bring out our true selves as God intended us to be if we decide to follow God’s lead.
After reading this book, you can see how it is pivotal to spiritual formation. It cracks open wide the notion of being real and embracing God’s love. The way you view yourself affects not only your relationship with God but your relationship with others. You cannot know God fully without knowing yourself fully. You cannot be the person God wants you to be if you do not go through this process.
I would think this would be a great book for anyone that was serious about discipleship. I think it would be better for a small accountability group setting. That is where you would be setting up an environment that would encourage people to be their true selves. Too...

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