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Book Smarts Vs Street Smarts Essay

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Book-smarts vs. Street-smarts
Parents are the ultimate teachers while raising their children. My mother would sit down with me every night when she came home from work. She would have me read a little section or chapter from a novel and then summarize what I read. She did this so I would gain comprehension skills. I was able to read and write critically because of her help and strong emphasis on “book-smarts.” Although my mother stressed being academically inclined, she also made emphasis of “street-smarts” and that common sense helps build the bridge to intelligence. I grew up speaking fluent Spanish, as well as English. My father helped me further my knowledge in “street-smarts” through ...view middle of the document...

She meant that it was important for me to grow up with the proper insight that having the academic knowledge was not enough; common sense was a segue into my intelligence.
My mother made it very well-known to me that by incorporating the perfect balance between social and academic importance’s can open a new world of opportunity to my learning and educational experience. This all started when I was able to read my first book. She would spend a lot of time with me after school, helping me to analyze and comprehend what I was reading. She influenced me to critically pull out the main points in order to properly execute a synopsis. She would make sure that whatever I had to read and summarize was something of my interest. This factor was important because if I did not enjoy reading, then my comprehension would be weak. Graff puts emphasis on having interest in his essay. He says that students should be encouraged to think critically, read, and write about areas of personal interest as long as its done in an intellectual way (301). My mother grasped this fact very well and instilled that outlook in me. She told me that education can be guided by whatever the interest may be and that I should know a little about a lot of things through education. From this I can take my common sense intelligence to broaden my educational background, which strengthens my reading and writing abilities and practices.
Although I had to sit down and read small amounts at a time and then be able to summarize what I read, I disliked the entire concept of these practices. Even though it may have helped me develop my comprehensive skills because I was interested in what I was reading, I have unfortunately steered away from continuing these learning habits. I utilize them only when it is completely necessary to do so. I never grasped a sincere liking for the actions of reading. When I was younger, reading was something I did in my free time. Now, reading is not a leisurely activity. Writing on the other hand is something I continue to practice. I enjoy writing and I have great respect for it. In application to Graff’s essay, one must have interest. There should be an interest in what is being read or written, and what is being discovered through book smarts and street smarts. I grew the interest for writing and discovered my ability to apply myself in academics and common sense related practices. Reading weened off from my interest once I hit junior high and high school, but I will still take my mother’s words of wisdom, helpful hints, and guidance.
Gerald Graff made it evident in his essay that utilizing schoolwork and the social, common sense aspect should be accepted on a equal playing field. In regards to my upbringing, my mother would disagree. My mother strongly adhered to the fact that academics and education, or book smarts, were the most important. She always put book smarts in front of street smarts. But I always believed that...

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