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BUS303: Human Resources Management

A bookkeeper is responsible for performing financial calculations for a company. They must ensure that the company’s financial records are effectively maintained. Bookkeeping is an entry-level accounting position. You can find bookkeepers in both small and large businesses. The bigger the company the bigger the accounts they oversee. They have to monitor delinquent accounts, answer customer questions regarding billing issues and prepare monthly statements and financial reports. They utilize the organizations automatic system in order to manage and monitor accounts receivable, accounts payable and ...view middle of the document...

They should have adequate computer skills as well as previous office experience.
A bookkeeping clerk makes calculations utilizing calculators, computers and might post vital information in a database. They calculate the spending, profits and loss of the company. They also balance and verify receipts and compute interest charges. In small companies they might be responsible for all the financial reports, but in large companies they have different departments for each task.
In small companies a bookkeeper might be responsible for more work than in a big company. In large company’s they hire different people for different task, instead on one individual handling all the financial reports. In large company’s they breakdown the task for instance they will have one person handling accounts payable, another dealing with accounts receivable, then someone else with payroll and the list goes on.
Some bookkeeping jobs can be mind-numbing. If the position has been unoccupied for some time or the prior employee deserted his duties, the new bookkeeper may perhaps spend a vast deal of time fixing the books. They may perhaps untangling complicated webs of the others mistakes. They can also involve great amounts of data entry on a continuing basis, depending on the quantity of a company's monetary transactions.
Being a bookkeeper can be very stressful because of their responsibility to the monetary reports. They need to make sure that their work in correct. Although most of them work the standard 40 hours a week, at times they might be required to work long hours and even weekends. They work in office...

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