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There are many differences that the U.S. and China run their school systems. There positives and negatives in both systems also. I like the way we run our school in the U.S. but there defiantly needs to be some improvements and we learn some things that what China does and we don’t do. Japan Has consistently created an educational system that continues to move past America and dead in student educational achievement. Here are some of they differences that the U.S. and China have.
School strategies should be created that match school and student need. The “one” size fits all” approach does not work. Today, students would ...view middle of the document...

Half of the kids in the U.S can care less if there smart or not or get bad grades. They just wanna get by and get that diploma the easiest way they can.
Another reason why kids in the U.S. get bored and are always out of it, is because of the loads of homework some teachers give and the school hours. Half of the teachers just like to give homework just to give homework with no reason at all. So kids are staying up till one o’clock in the morning. That’s just not right. How is a kid going to be successful if he or she staying up till one every night. It makes them get sick of school and their just going to stop doing anything after awhile. The six and half school hours of just sitting there is too long. I think we should go to a college system where you go to certain classes everyday and the most you’re there is a tops three hours. It is so much better than high school because your more focused and ready to learn every time you step into that classroom, whatever subject it is.
Teachers are not given the resources and money they need to offer students a more visual class. Instead budgets are cut, classes that school districts label as a luxury are the classes that keep student in school and are the...

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