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Bop And Marketing Essay

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Fifty years of independence in India have brought with them a mixed bag ofj achievements and failures. While India has become nearly self sufficient foodgrains in the wake of Green Revolution ushered in the country by the use of I hybrid varieties of wheat in the late sixties and early seventies, an effective check on population growth has eluded the nation and we are nearing the mark of one billion souls at the turn of the century.

Our agriculture scientists have successfully met the challenge of meeting the growing needs of food of a burgeoning population, but our socio-political leadership has failed to make a decisive impact in the sphere of family planning. The untiring efforts of ...view middle of the document...

It discouraged the family planning workers and disappointed the public at large.

The in-built conservatism of people acts as a mental block to talk of sex and contraception freely in homes, offices and even in print and electronic media. It slows down the spread of awareness of family planning methods and inhibits adoption of contraceptive devices. Family planning workers are not always successful in building up a rapport with the targetted couples and convince them of the safety of the contraceptive measures. Poor education level of people is the main cause of slow pace of family planning movement, it is noticed that states with low literacy rate have a high birth rate, while highly literate states are able to bring down birth rate substantially. Evaluation studies of population control programmes have established the strong relationship between education of women and the low birth rates. It has been established beyond doubt that birth rate is inversely proportionate to female literacy. States of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, with comparatively high female literacy, have lower birth rate compared to Uttar Pradesh and Bihar which have both lower level of literacy and higher birth rate. Literacy also lowers infant mortality rate and motivates women to go in for fewer children.

In many states of India, people prefer sons to daughters, so much so that women are forced to go in for abortion when it is apprehended that the issue is likely to be a female. This age old social prejudice against female children has undergone little change since independence. The popular perception considers female children liability and inferior to boys. That the perception is totally misplaced is evident from the examination result of Central Board of Secondary Education, where success percentage of girls has been higher than that of boys for many successive years. Moreover, percentage of female teachers in schools has been progressively increasing. In civil services, a medicine and research establishment, the number of women is increasing by the year.

It has been established beyond doubt that women are...

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