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Croatia and Slovenia border dispute.
The row, which commentators in both states have referred to (perhaps dramatically) as a ‘bloodless war, focuses primarily on the disputed Bay of Piran, a 20sq km bay which lies between the two neighbours. The ownership of several border villages is also contentious: the Dragonja River, traditionally the dividing line between Croatia and Slovenia, was re-routed after the Second World War, thus putting some Slovene villages in Croat territory.
The Piran Bay Issue
The Piran Bay issue is critical for Slovenia since access to the bay is its only means of a sea link to the outside world. If Croatia exercised its right to an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) ...view middle of the document...

6 kms area land adjacent to the temple premises. This temple popularly known as Preah Vihear in Cambodia and Khao Phra Viharn in Thailand was built in 11th and 12th century during the golden era of Khmer civilization.
It is argued that Cambodia has stronger competing claims over Thailand as the origin of the temple belongs to the Khmer empires but Thailand has its own claims and evidence to defend that the territory originally belongs to Thai people. The complex and distorted history hyped nationalist sentiments and power politics have made the situation much worse and contentious to come up with a suitable solution or conclusion.
The border line between Thailand and Cambodia has not been clearly demarcated and the agreements and treaties signed between the two countries are debatable. The question over where exactly the border between Thailand and Cambodia lies remains the crux of the dispute today.
 Increase in military buildup and use of heavy artilleries during armed confrontation along the Thai-Cambodian border has drawn wide ranging debate on this long-simmering dispute. The Thai-Cambodian dispute has become a prima-facie hostile situation which occasionally escalates into violent armed conflict. This sporadic conflict has been escalated by frequent military confrontation, evident from the exchange of fire, heavy artillery fights between Thailand and Cambodia which leaves large number of fatalities and thousands displaced along the border.
But on 17th June , 2013  Cambodia and Thailand have agreed to maintain peace along the border regardless of the decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over territorial dispute near Cambodia's Preah Vihear Temple.

The Sino-Indian border dispute is e the outcome of the failure
Of India and China to mutually agree upon the exact alignment of their common
Boundary within the complexities of the great Himalayan ranges. The dispute first

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