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Boring, Dishonest And Oppressive Essay

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Most Germans regarded Nazi Propaganda as boring, dishonest and
oppressive.’ How receptive were different sectors of German Society to
the methods of the Nazi propaganda machine in the period 1933-1945?
Exam Answer.
The Nazi regime put much effort into running successful and efficient
propaganda scheme as they believed that this was imperative to
successful relations and co-operation between government and people.
They employed a number of different methods each with a different
message and a different target audience, with worrying success.
There was a huge variety of different methods used by the Nazis
controlling all aspects of news and media, so that there was no escaping
the messages and ideas conveyed by the government. The press was both
used and controlled by the Nazis, they were not allowed to write ...view middle of the document...

Art and
architecture as also surprisingly used, with Albert Speer being Hitler’s
personal architect, the Nazification of art and architecture gave the
impression that the Nazi were omnipresent and so there was no escaping
them and so regime just give up to and support the regime. The Nazis also
controlled literature, music and the theatre using it to control access to
information and knowledge, and strengthen Nazi hold on ideology. As well
as these used as a base for Nazi ideology. As well as these main types of
propagandas there were others including: posters, portraying Hitler as
‘God’, sport; Berlin Olympics 1936, youth movements (Hitler youth/ league
of German maidens), and teaching Nazi ideology in school.
This propaganda was aimed at a number of different sections of society.
It was aimed at the youth of Germany as these were seen as the future
for the third Reich and so it was essential to gain their support. Nazi
ideas as ‘racial quality’ were taught in school and Youth groups such as the
Hitler Youth were set up to prepare the children for their later roles in
society; boys for the army; girls as housewives. It also targeted the
women of German Society as for the Nazi policy of liebenscaurn to
succeed the Germen population needed to increase, so women were key to
this policy. German women were encouraged with monetary benefits and
medals to stay at home and have lots of ‘racially pure’ children. The
German men were similarly targeted by propaganda to be strong and to
fight for their country. The German society was also targeted as a whole
to unite and be strong to support the regime, and be ready for ‘total war’
as well as this Jews were made the enemy of the state and discrimination
was encouraged.

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