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Bounce Fitness Essay

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            Bounce fitness is a training institution faced with several problems. Firstly, bounce institution records client information by hand. Such information includes client weight, height, Body Mass Index, client training programs and client development. It is the duty of the individual trainer to record the client’s information in spreadsheets. The process of recording client information is hectic since trainers sometimes have to leave their classes to attend to the needs of new clients. This creates a backlog of duties since trainers are compelled to rush through classes or to forfeit one of the two activities. Clients who are not assisted end up ...view middle of the document...

This progress report will enable the system to maintain its efficiency. The speed of the recording procedure should be increased. There should be a record book where clients key in their information without the assistance of the trainer. This information will be later fed into the spreadsheet by the trainer when he/she gets time. Another improvement that should be done to the present system shall be the appointment of someone to handle the recording of client data other than the trainers. This will enable trainers to concentrate on their responsibilities without interference. After the upgrading of the new recording system its progress and performance should be monitored to ensure, it is working in line with the original goals. It should also ensure that there is real time access to client data whenever it is needed.
1.2 Current Operational strategies
             Operational strategies are the techniques that organizations apply in order to achieve their main objectives. This refers to the methods that bounce fitness applies to meet their day-to-day goals (Slack et al 2004). One of these strategies is the requirement that customer data be recorded. This enables the trainer to address customer needs. Another strategy is the interview a trainer performs on new clients this is supposed to enhance the trainers understanding of the expectations of the client. The current operation system is quite slow and tedious. Trainers leave their training classes to attend to new clients and record their personal data. This also causes the unnecessary delaying of clients who might be forced to wait for the trainer for a long time. 1.3 Fostering creativity and organizational learning
Many organizations are faced with productivity problems because members of staff often seek their personal gratification rather than meeting the goals of the company. Creativity and innovation are necessary for an organization to succeed in a competitive environment. Bouncing fitness must therefore create an environment that fosters both creativity and organizational learning. As Linda Naiman fairly put it, “…creativity requires the right environment if it to flourish in an organization (Naiman 2010). To enhance creativity in bouncing fitness, the workforce must be motivated and empowered. When the trainers are empowered, they will respond speedily to the needs of clients and remain satisfied and committed. To foster creativity at bouncing fitness, the efforts of the staff (trainers) should be focused on delivering quality service to clients.
1.4 Measuring Tools
The measurement of the performance of organizational structures is important and assists the organization to review its objectives (Lively). The measures that will be taken into consideration include whether the new system has reduced or eliminated cases of over-scheduling. Another performance measure will concern whether the clients are attended to on time. Thirdly, the measures must focus on whether...

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