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Boy In A Girls' Cabin Essay

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When you are in the womb, a mark gets imprinted on your brain to provide you with a gender identity. I have a disorder called Gender Identity Disorder or GID. My brains gender imprint does not match my bodys gender. In laymans terms, my birth certificate says Im a girl, my body says Im a girl, people always tell me that Im a girl, but my mind says that I am a boy; this means that I am a female to male or FTM transsexual. Transsexuals are rare enough, but I am different because I am thirteen years old.
When somebody turns thirteen, they are excited about dating, middle school graduation, and going through puberty. I wasnt excited about any of these things. Dating? When youre thirteen, ...view middle of the document...

I had been to FWF before, and I had a great time; I made lots of friends, and had discovered that I love rock climbing! I was so excited, but also a little nervous. I had come out as transsexual at camp the prior year. I knew that, since nobody knew me at camp, it was the prime chance to come out! It was completely fine! There was even a transsexual counselor there who I became good friends with!
This year, however, would be different. I was in the process of physically transitioning, and I was a bit less easygoing about people calling me \"she\" or \"her.\" I was worried, but I kept on telling myself it would be fine.
It wasnt.
I knew that it would be an awful three weeks after the first five minutes I was there, and they checked me into my cabin. \"Er... Iris Preiss...\" I said, hesitantly. \"Uh, Im sorry, I just have to go talk to the director for a minute,\" said the man at the computer. \"Why?\" \"It says here that youre in a girls cabin.\"
And then when my counselor came into the cabin, she said, \"Look, FWF has a strict rule about boys being even near a girls cabin, youve got to leave.\"
\"Im sorry, mam, Im a girl... sort of...\"
She thought I was joking. I was glad, in a way, that she believed that I was a boy. I didnt end up getting in trouble that day.
When I took my swimming test, they told me to take my shirt off. \"Uh, sorry, I have to keep it on because my skin is pale and gets burnt easily.\" I looked like a geek with all the other shirtless boys standing around me.
Whenever I got a package from the mail room, Id have to show them my slip that said Girls 8B, and theyd give me a strange look.
Id have to make up an excuse for being in a girls cabin whenever anybody asked, \"oh, what cabin are you in?\"
FWF has a carnival every second session. My cabin set up a \"marriage\" booth where two people would walk down an aisle made of toilet paper, and receive ring-pops. When I was off my shift, I was walking around the camp, and I spotted my friends boyfriend, Chuck. \"Hey, youre Jennifers boyfriend, right?\" I asked.
\"Yeah,\" he said, \"And youre the he-she, right?\"
I was shocked. I knew that people talked to me behind my back; they called me a he-she, a slut, worthless as a dog, but nobody ever said it up front to me.

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