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Book tour
I am sincerely grateful for the inspiration I have acquired from the authors who have profound experience in book tour. Also I am grateful for what I have gained from publishers and authors who have opted to share their experiences through diverse mediums and this has considerably helped me in establishing a plan for promoting the book Boy in Motion. Being the lead representative of D& M I do hope what we anticipate to do will help others and equally change their perception on life. The nature of this book can be said to be superbly inspirational, thus from the manner the lead Rick Hansen has been developed we intend to promote the book in diverse international cities. These would ...view middle of the document...

The books promotion would be instrumental. Also being east Africa’s centre for excellence I am convinced Kampala would be instrumental in advocating the book to the masses. However, it would be essential to present the books author to the masses in my next stop which is scheduled to be Rebecca silent city in the sprawling ranges of Republic of South Sudan. The aim of allowing the author to be involved in the promotion of the book in this part of the world can be allied to the fact that most people could be willing to see who the real person behind the story is.
It ought to be noted that the country gained its independence from Northern Sudan barely a fortnight ago. Thus having acclaimed author gracing the book tour would be a plus and a blessing. And this would equally boost the book sales. With its growing population and emerging markets the region thus stands as a prime market for the book. Also lack of established publishers, authors and distributors makes it a sure market. Though the publisher D &M do not anticipate to carry out any online promotion of the event I do believe that the use of the proximate media outlets such as pamphlets, radio promos and classified adverts across the popular radio and TV stations would be crucial. It ought to be noted that the book tour is neither supported by the publisher nor the author. But I do anticipate the cost of the tour to be minimal. The final destiny is anticipated to be Pretoria a bustling South African city. The city is was considered due to its history which saw the growth of modern south African youth, however the emergence of HIV/AIDS has seen a considerable number of the cities potential youths succumbing to the epidemic. Thus, I did found it necessary to give the people a touch of hope so as not to think of their immediate situation but rather to rethink of what they can do despite their conditions. Pretoria journey being the anticipated last leg of the book tour it’s expected to attract diverse authors, publishers as well as interested film and TV producers who are interested in adopting the book for screen (Vaughan 29).
The book is significance in that it provides a vivid illustration of how an individual can overcome any obstacle in life by being positive minded. And this can be said to be the core aspect that played a role in choosing the given cities which lies in some of the highly volatile regions in Africa.
Looking at the books presentation it is apparent that the author doesn’t have any direct link with the selected areas. This can be correlated to the fact that the book is set within the realm of western society while the book tour is designed to take place within third world cities. However, the manner the entire book is presented has a profound link to the selected areas. The solid evidence is testified by the manner the protagonist in the book fights to overcome the obstacles in his life. Equally majority of the people in the selected areas have in one way or the other...

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