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“Boy’s Life is about the dreams and terrors in the life of a Southern boy in 1964, but I hope it is more than that, too; I hope it is a universal key to yesterday, and by the opening of that door for a backward look we may all see today tomorrow in a much clearer, brighter light.” (Robert McCammon) Boy’s Life was an excellent novel that depicted the life of a young southern boy in 1964. Throughout the novel Corey has to deal with all the things that boy’s encounter while growing up like experiencing the magic of still being a boy, realizing that there is evil in the world, and recognizing the prejudices of society.
To begin with, Corey experienced dreams and magic of a young Southern boy in 1964 by imagining that ...view middle of the document...

“Who would do such a thing to another human being?” After witnessing the murder at Saxon’s Lake, Corey became conscious of the fact that the world was not a place without evil. Before witnessing this incident Corey thought everyone in the world was just looking out for one another, but after witnessing this incident he understood that there are people in the world who can hate another person so much that they are willing to kill. This murder was an example of one of the many terrors that a young boy had to deal with in the process of growing up.
Finally, there was one other terror a young Southern boy growing up in 1964 had to deal with, and that was racism. In 1964, even though slavery had been abolished, racial prejudice and segregation still existed in the south. In Boy’s Life although racism wasn’t completely known to Corey, he slowly starts to come in contact with it as the story progresses. It starts as somebody saying they don’t want to help the African-Americans in Bruton, but by the end of the story Corey sees that some people could hate black people so much that they were willing to blow up a church resulting in the death of young black girls. Even though this was just a part of a prejudice Southern society Corey was shocked by how deep people’s hatred could become.
Throughout Boy’s Life Robert McCammon shows us the magic of being a boy, but in addition he illustrates the terrors that can exist in a young boy’s life. He does this by showing us the wonders of a boy’s imagination, the evil that exists in the world, and the hate that exists in society. Therefore, Robert McCammon does an excellent job of showing us the true world of a young Southern Boy in 1964.

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