Brain Drain Among Students Studying Abroad On Vietnam's State Budget

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According to the statistics provided by the Ministry of Education and Training, only 10% of 300 talented students sent overseas each year to further their studies return to Vietnam. This shows that brain drain among students studying abroad on state budget is one of the most serious problems of Vietnam. This problem has lasted for many years and billions of dollars has been wasted. Therefore, it is time we resolved it. Some suggested solutions are selecting students carefully before sending them overseas, keeping track of those students, and attracting them to their homeland by encouraging policies.The first thing that can be done to mitigate brain drain among students studying abroad on state budget is selecting students carefully before sending them overseas. Currently, the Ministry of Education and Training has just based on the students' study results at school and their marks in particular exams to grant them scholarships to study overseas. However, the above statistics has shown ...view middle of the document...

If they do not undertake this commitment, they will be punished. This ensures that most students who are sent abroad to study will return to Vietnam and apply their knowledge to develop the country. In general, to decide which students to send overseas to study, the Ministry of Education and Training should base on three criteria, which are study results at school, exam marks, and their commitment to return to their homeland.Further, after sending students to foreign countries to broaden their knowledge, the Ministry of Education and Training's task is to keep track of these students. In other words, the Ministry should always be sure of which universities they are studying at, where they live, how they are studying and so on. This ensures that the Ministry can not only assist these students when they are in need but also protect them from bad things in strange countries. Also, when the students finish their study, the Ministry can ask them to come back to Vietnam and undertake their commitment. As a result, brain drain can be diminished to some extent.Besides, we can also attract students, having studied abroad back to Vietnam by establishing such encouraging policies as providing them better working conditions, offering them job with high income, ect. One of the main reasons for most students' decision to stay and work in developed countries rather than coming back to Vietnam is the benefits they can get from the convenient working conditions. There, they can take advantage of modern laboratories, big libraries and so on. Therefore, in order to appeal to those students for their return and contribution, Vietnam has to provide them with good working conditions where they can develop their abilities. In addition, these talented students should be offered jobs with high salaries, which ensures their high living standards and they will never have to regret for their decision to work in Vietnam.Hindering the development of Vietnam are many factors, one of which is brain drain among students studying overseas on state budget. It is a serious problem but there are many ways to solve it including a more careful selection of students, stricter management of students overseas, and an enforcement of advantageous policies enforcement. If these are carried out properly, solving the problem of lacking talented persons in Vietnam is just the matter of time.

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