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Brain Drain In India Essay

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The concept of ‘brain drain’ is of a recent one that has ever strongly emerged since the last few decades. The phrase ‘brain drain’ refers to the increasing tendency of the young, energetic, capable and talented youth of a country to migrate to another country in search of their fortune — rather better fortune. They forsake their motherland for they seek better opportunities in other countries. This has become a characteristic more of the intelligentsia of the nation—the doctors, engineers, scientists, M.B.A’s, C.As, lawyers and other professionals.Investment in education in a developing country may not lead to faster economic growth if a large number of ...view middle of the document...

India has fallen face down when it comes to fulfilling their aspirations, ambitions and dreams. Countries like USA, UK, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, Japan etc have developed greatly in their technology, science, electronics, computers, astronomy etc. Thus, these countries provide greater opportunities—quality as well as quantity-wise. The facilities, packages, scholarships etc provided by these nations are far better than what we can provide them in a lifetime. The only thing we can do is that when Indians like Amartya Sen, Arundhati Roy or Kalpana Chawla make it to international fame, we jump with joy and hypocritically say that they are Indians and we are proud of them.Cynics allege that talents like these can never hide. It will unreveal itself ultimately under every or any circumstances. This is utter foolishness. It is only reasonable and logical to think how you can expect a seed to sprout without providing it with sufficient water, fertilizer, manure, heat and protection. Same is the case with men too. How can the youth of a nation rise to superhuman feats when we cannot even provide them with humane conditions? He too, has a right to live and move ahead. Therefore, his reason leads him elsewhere in search of the land of his dreams where he can see these dreams, taking real shape. He can soar high, fly to his own liking in other countries whereas his wings are clipped short and he is left to suffocate and die on his own. Moreover, when Indian students, studying abroad return, they find themselves without any job or opportunity because we in reality have no jobs or employment avenues to match their caliber. Hence, even if they want to stay back, necessity forces them out of the country to earn a living.If we want to put a check to this growing problem, we have to create better jobs and offer better opportunities to our intellectuals so that we can woo them to stay on. Our IT professionals and IIM graduates are the best in the world. Countries welcome them with open arms. Why can’t we think of some measures where we can absorb our best within our own country? We can use the best potential of the country to accelerate our progress in socio-economic fields. We need to give deserving jobs to students who return to India after completing their education abroad full of fresh ideas, zeal, idealism and patriotism. We need to formulate such policies which attract our scientists, engineers, lawyers, doctors, researchers, MBAS to come back to their motherland and work together for its progress. We need to weed out petty politics and corruption to provide a better living atmosphere and a better working condition if we seriously want to block the brain drain from our country. "We recognize the...

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