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Brain Health In Assisted Living Essay

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Brain Health Knowledge in Assisted Living: Establishing Baseline Information for Interventions to Promote Adaptation and Successful Aging
410 - 01 Research Article Review Final
Tammie R. Bryant

I. Title
At a word count of 17 words, the title is rather long for an average title length. Moreover, it skipped on important information that will let the readers know the jurisdictional or geographical limit of the study by not mentioning “North Carolina” in the main title. However, it does encapsulate the main variable (“brain health knowledge”) and the principal aim “establish baseline ...view middle of the document...

III. Introduction
While the Introduction managed to clearly, state and promptly introduced the quality of life problem associated with age among elderly Americans, it failed to explain mention the distinctive characteristics of North Carolinian elderly for this study and why North Carolina was chosen as the study locale and population. Is there any relevant racial mix that makes the state a preferable pilot state for this study? Is there a preponderant elderly population in the state that makes it their experience of age and assisted living especially valuable for the study?
In addition, the study background adequately substantiated existence, extent, and urgency of the problem being addressed in the study in a logical and compelling manner. The theoretical rationale explained the underlying elements involved in the problem and those that study had addressed. The conceptual framework was based on the theory of successful aging.
Moreover, the conceptual framework section of the introduction adequately defined the concept of successful aging as well as its operational implication in the conduct of the study. The primary operational terms relevant to the study are “health promotion” (i.e. brain health promotion) and the “cognitive ability to self-appraise”. Although the research question directly answered the research problem, it is not located in this section but in the methods. Although discussion of the theory of successful aging used previous research, the introduction gives no clear and distinct hypothesis; the general objectives “purpose of this study” and recognition of the “vital role” of brain health and its promotion to the well-being of the elderly, does not give concise statement of a hypothesis.
Furthermore, after discussions on previous findings in the subject, there is no mention on how the current study will be able to extend findings from previous studies as can be found in the currently available literature on the topic.

IV. Methods
The study design is cross-sectional, descriptive, and quantitative. It is appropriate for this study when used to analyze and compare variables that do not change over time, such as race. However, it is generalized regarding variables that change over time, such as educational level and knowledge of brain health. This is of particular relevance because the study intends to create baseline information for the elderly subjects.
The dependent variables, as stated in the design sub-section, are knowledge of brain health, race, and education level, all of which are valid measures of the research problem. The measurement used is only partially reliable in measuring broader perspective of brain health because it was designed specifically for Alzheimer’s disease. The independent variables include all conditions found in the assisted living communities (ALCs). The study recognized cognitive impairment as a confounding variable because it will interfere in the answering of the survey...

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