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Brainstorming Essay

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Yes or No to bringing handphone to school

The handphone is on everybody’s lips nowadays. It is such as a wonderful tool for education, work, information and play that sometimes we wonder how we survived before this. Some people call it the eighth wonder of the world while others think of it as disruptive. So, does a handphone become a wonderful tool or a disruptive tool at school?

For one thing, handphone can be used for emergency calls. When a student feels sick or involved in an accident, the teacher may quickly call the student’s parents and tell them about their son’s condition. This is because the parents’ numbers will already be in the student’s phonebook and the teacher does ...view middle of the document...

For instance, when a student brings an expensive handphone to school and his friend is jealous of him, theft or stealing may happen. This kind of social problem will only add to the many socials problems already at school.

In a nutshell, bringing handphone to school will only become a tool of destruction instead of a tool of construction. Therefore, it is better to leave the handphone at home.

Group 3

Yes or No to bringing handphone to school

Nowadays, handphone usage is popular among the students. Every student wants his or her own handphone. Moreover, the phone has many usages apart from just being a tool in communication. Students use it in nearly everything they do and they cannot be separated from their handphones even for a second. The interesting news is handphones can now be brought to school. Is it really a good idea?

For one thing, handphone can be used when there are emergency cases. For example, students can use the handphone to contact their parents when someone disturbs them. Additionally, when they have an extra class, they can inform their parents that they will be late in returning home. So, their parents will not be worried and waste their time waiting for their children.

However, handphone usage in the class will distract...

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