Brand And Marketing Communication Manageme Essay

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Brand and Marketing Communication

Submitted by: Yan Zhang

Tutor : Temi Abimbola Four Wristwatch Brands

The four wristwatch brands I have chosen to critically examine are:

Rolex Gucci Seiko Swatch


In 1905, Hans Wilsdorf established a London firm specialising in the distribution of watches. In 1908, Wilsdorf coined a brand name with which to sign his creations: Rolex. In Switzerland, Rolex obtained the first official chronometer certification ever awarded to a wristwatch in 1910. In 1914, the Kew Oberservatory awarded Rolex wristwatch a ...view middle of the document...

Without this understanding, it may be difficult to be able to state which brand associations are strongly held, favourable, and unique, as in (Keller, 1998).

The Rolex consumers are usually people that come from the upper middle class and are generally well off individuals who are able to afford the luxurious Rolex watches. They could be businessmen, celebrities (e.g. Politicians and Super stars), specialists (e.g. Mountaineers and Divers), and general admirers of luxury products. Rolex’s price range is about £1800 to £30,000.

Gucci watch consumers could be people who are accustomed to buying other Gucci products (e.g. clothes & leather accessories). They perceive Gucci watches as trendy “Art” rather than chronometer. The customers are not only buying Gucci for its quality; they are buying into the brand values and image it holds. Most of them are super models and white-collar managers (especially young women). Gucci watch’s price range is about £250 to £2,000.

Unlike Rolex and Gucci customers, those who buy Seiko are usually buying it for a reliable and functional “Time tool”. Seiko also attracts customers who are fanatical about modern technologies. Usually they are middle classes and mature people. Seiko’s price range is about £50 to £3,000.

Swatch is based on the idea of providing a wristwatch of outstanding quality that appeals to people aged between 8 to 80, owing to its reasonable price and attractive look (6). Teeny-bopper like it because of its frequent altering design. Collectors adore Swatch watches because they are affordable, limited edition items with their own individual serial numbers. Swatch’s price range is about £25 to £150.

The basic value propositions that the four brands offer to the customers

Value attached to products, consciously or not attributed by a producer, will attract some consumers and repel others, as in (Coulson-Thomas, 1983). Consumers in the inner-directed segment by to meet their own inner wants rather than respond to the cultural norms of others, as in (Assael, 1992).

Rolex watches are jewellery rather than ordinary “Time tools”. Rolex is one of the best famous Swiss watch brands in the world, with almost 100 years of quality reputation. Like the “Crown” on all watches symbolizes, Rolex watches represent power and wealthy. People who own Rolex watches represent their personal value and status and like to convey that message to others. Of course, another reason for purchasing a Rolex is undoubtedly its high quality. Even in 100 meters deep into the sea or on top of a mountain with 8000 meters high, under minus 40 degree centigrade circumstance, Rolex watches can function normally. If you visit Old Bond Street antique shops in London, you will find antique Rolex watch is even more expensive than new one. “Eternal Value” could be the third reason for purchasing a Rolex. In China, only 7% of people interviewed owned a Rolex, but 38% of them declared that they wanted to have one in...

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