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Brand Awareness Toward Energypac Essay

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Energypac Power Generation Ltd. was founded in the year 1995 and today it has established itself as a major supplier of standby and base load generators, low voltage electrical accessories, Busbar systems and luminaries and fixtures including energy saving lamps in a commitment to conserve energy. The company aims to provide reliable, safe, and environmental friendly power to the industrial, commercial, and residential facilities of Bangladesh and has indeed, succeeded in significantly contributing to the country’s power engineering, management, generation and distribution system.
CIPP, one of the core businesses of Power Gen, has earned the company a total of 162MW gas engine ...view middle of the document...

Our Values:
We say “YES” to all our customer need
We achieve leadership through innovation
We ensure integrity above everything else
We take responsibility for what we do.


Best in class end-to-end engineering solutions nationally and internationally following a commitment to occupational safety, health, ethical, environmental and social compliance while adding value to those who associate with every day.
In the next decade, Energypac will face some of its greatest ever challenges-We are constantly looking for new sources of energy, new ways to improve the environment - and better ways of working. Bringing together some of energy's leading brands, we've created a major industry force spanning energy generation trading distribution and supply's are the country's largest power distribution business, covering major areas of the country, including Dhaka. The companies as the chronology of their inceptions can be named as follows:
1. Energypac Engineering Limited

2. Energypac Power Generation Limited.

3. Tec Advantage Limited

4. Energypac Electronics Limited.

5. Energypac Agro Limited

6. Energypac Fashions Limited

7. Energypac Confidence Power venture Limited

Born in 1982, Energypac has pulled out all the stops to help boost power engineering business in Bangladesh. It eyes excellence in business to achieve techno-autarky of Bangladesh. Astoundingly, through relentless endeavor over the last two-plus decades, Energypac is now deemed as a top power engineering business dome. Besides its routine biz, it hunts indigenous talents across the country and inducts them aboard its teams. Products have been diversified for the clients' total power solutions including power generation, transmission, distribution, protection and control. Energypac is now spanning the globe across the borders. The Company is committed to provide world standard products and services in design, manufacturing, testing, etched the global export market. We are keen on flawlessness and fineness. We are bent upon inseparable cooperation with the clientele in every phase e.g. investment making decisions feasibility study, materials and equipments selection, machineries procurement timely supply, installation and commissioning of equipments and permanent after-sales service. Our huge stock-lot of spares suffices to feed the customers' immediate need. Not just the biz, Energypac's trust is cemented on a perennial relationship with the customers on mutual benefiter products are conducive to life and environmental dream of the power-autarky for Bangladesh, which will bloom into a home of peace and prosperity.
Since 1982, incorporating the best men & machines in the business with a blend of latest technological innovation & state of the art...

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