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Brand Equity Essay

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Since independence Pakistan has saw a number of universities growing from just two public chartered universities to 58 pubic, 40 private universities and 13 public and 17 degree awarding institutions till now. Because of this phenomenal growth, not only the supply-demand imbalance has occurred but also the highly similar program offerings by these universities and institutions, therefore has resulted in the type of market structure which is purely competitive in the provision of tertiary education programs and services. In light of this dilemma, many prospective students (consumers) of university services are now falling in absolute confusion as in which university they should pursue their ...view middle of the document...

And the other is a marketing manager’s perspective on advertising as a strategic option. The behavioral perspective of advertising effectiveness research usually considers how people recognize, process, respond to, and use advertising in making purchasing decisions for a product or service, while the managerial perspective on advertising effectiveness research on the other hand investigates how managers can strategically use advertising to communicate the value of products or services to potential buyers.
In contrast to the profit oriented goods and services sector, the nonprofit organizations; hospitals, universities, NGO’s and others have concentrated on the trend of band wagon. Typically the advertisement is directed to the course of providing information, persuasion and reminder to the target audience about its product offerings, services and ideas. But it can be planned and executed fully for the promotion of the organization.

2.2.1. Print Advertising
Patricia and Adam (2007) has given a list of print media forms which include: “mass-market magazines, newspapers, the yellow pages, inserted media, outdoor posters and transit advertising, signage and point of sales materials, direct mail, custom magazines, , sales collateral, and catalogues”. Newspapers and magazines have weighted advantage as credible source of information, over online media where anything can be published (Brookins, 2012)

2.2.2. Outdoor Advertising
Outdoor advertising consists of not only media such as billboards, posters, kiosks but also in the form of messages on automobiles. Outdoor advertising has an added advantage of reaching a large number of people. As a consequence, it has an effective reach and very high frequency. Its message is durable and can be seen repeatedly (Patrick 2010). Because of their vast reach and high frequency, universities can take advantage of these attributes of outdoor advertisement to enhance highly respected and esteemed brands for their institutions. Event sponsorship offers an excellent platform for sponsoring organizations to promote products, services and ideas (Fill 2006). Thus it provides an opportunity for universities in that; they can showcase their programs at business expositions, trade fairs and any other events. It will provide assistance for them to create awareness, develop perceived brand equity, loyalty and brand associations for their institutions to prospective consumers and different stakeholders.

2.2.3. Trade Shows
Mostly exhibitions are based on industry sector lines such as the Agricultural shows, Furniture Shows, the Office Equipment Exhibitions and the Hardware Trade Fairs (Geoff and Lester, 2011). And mostly, these shows are organized for specific categories of goods and services. Public limited companies, government institutions and other formal sector businesses of Pakistan have also taken advantage of trade show...

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